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Keep in the know with the latest motorsport news, results, personalised news subscriptions and breaking news alerts all within Facebook Messenger.

What you can do:

  • Get breaking news alerts as they happen
  • Subscribe to the news categories that you care about for automatic updates
  • Retrieve the latest news stories for specific categories
  • Step by step guide to share your own story or send in a tip-off
  • Search for news via the Speedcafe Messenger app

Keywords list

Just type in the following words to find to quickly access options:

  • Menu: Return to the main menu
  • Latest news: Load the latest Speedcafe.com news
  • Categories: Load a Speedcafe.com news category (comment the name of your category such as Supercars, Formula 1, TCR, Super2, National, IndyCar, Nascar, MotoGP, Formula E, Rally, Speedway and Offroad)
  • Alerts: Manage breaking news alerts
  • Subscriptions: Manage news subscriptions
  • Search: Search for content on Speedcafe.com via the app
  • Submit news: Submit a news story/tip off
  • Help: View the help menu options
  • Stop: Manage alerts and subscriptions

Ready? Let’s get started now

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How to get started


Ensure you have the Facebook Messenger app installed on your phone.

If you don’t, you can download from the app stores:


That’s it! Click the below button to get started:

Or you scan this code with your mobile from within messenger by tapping ‘People’, ‘Add’ then ‘Scan Code’: