Tyreright joins APCS in Sydney

thumbMEDIA RELEASE: Tyreright – Australia’s first “Clicks and Mortar” tyre retailer has been announced as the naming rights sponsor of the Australian Production Car Series in its second round of 2016 – to be held at Sydney Motorsport Park this weekend (July 1-3).

Tyreright General Manager, Perry Scarfe said the company was looking forward to partnering with the Series – which will host four events across 2016 as part of the CAMS Shannons Australian Motor Racing Nationals.

“The beauty about production cars is that these are the cars are owned by people who love motorsport, who are family people, and who understand how important tyres are on their own car,” said Scarfe.

“We are looking forward to working together with the race teams, the fans and the partners of the Australian Production Car Series.”

Tyreright is not just another tyre chain, The “Clicks and Mortar” approach means that Tyreright is a leading player in the growth of the world wide web in terms of delivering a controlled and professional national service across the country.

“We are still a specialist tyre service for private, commercial and industrial use that covers an unparalleled range of tyres but we have turned it all upside down by building our base on the internet as our front door,” said Mr Scarfe.

“The Tyreright revolutionary online ordering system allows customers to select tyres ahead of time, pay for them online, and book a time that suits them, in order to have them fitted at a Tyreright store where they can relax in a comfortable Wi-Fi equipped lounge while their tyres are fitted.”

Naturally, said Mr Scarfe, customers can still just pull into Tyreright stores and expect great customer service, but the internet gives their customers more ways of interacting with the business and to be better informed.

“Yes, now there are other Online tyre websites and lots of people who can sell you tyres in-store but our key point of difference – our business model if you will, is where you can buy your tyres online with tools that streamline tyre selection to ensure we provide the right tyres for your needs, but also with a guarantee of the service level you will receive when you have them fitted in store,” said Scarfe.

“Other websites that sell online generally cannot control who fits their tyres to your car like we can at Tyreright. Put simply, there is no guarantee from the seller as to who will be working on your pride and joy.

“Tyres are not a product that can be delivered like buying a book or simple packaged item online, they are much more technically specific. There is a lot that can go wrong which is why all of our Tyreright stores have fully trained experts to ensure our service delivery is world class and aligned with our online sales strategy.

“With Tyreright, you know that you are dealing with someone for who tyre servicing is their business – the website is part of their shop front and is not just added on.”

Because of the way Tyreright has been developed you won’t see any specific tyre brands on the buildings.

“That means, we don’t promote only certain kinds of tyres based on the names on the wall,” said Scarfe.

“The aim of the Tyreright group is to give the right advice, the right price, and the right service. We won’t recommend a tyre if it won’t fit your needs. All of our people are experts, and if one tyre doesn’t suit your specific requirements, they know that they will have two or three other options that will be the right choice.”

Tyreright is spread across the country, and along with many metropolitan stores is very prominently on the main transport routes which is important as Tyreright has facilities that cater for heavy transport and the commercial tyre industry and many of the Tyreright customers rely on it for the smooth operation of their business.

Tyreright Australian Production Car Series Category Manager Iain Sherrin said he was very pleased to welcome Tyreright on board for the Sydney event.

“Tyreright is such a progressive company which services its customers to the highest level and we are very pleased to have them on-board as part of the Australian Production Car Series,” said Sherrin.

“At Sydney Motorsport Park this weekend, we will be hosting two 250km races in what is our second round of the 2016 Series, and we are looking forward to delivering a great show and results for Tyreright and all of our supporting partners, our racers and our fans.”

This weekend’s round two of the 2016 Tyreright Australian Production Car Series and all rounds of the season are being held as part of the Shannons Nationals.

Three practice sessions will be held on Friday July 1 at 9.20am, 11.25am and 1.05pm, ahead of a fourth practice session at 8.30am Saturday before a 30 minute qualifying session at 10.10am and the first of two 250km races for the weekend from 2.50pm. Sunday 3 July will host a warm-up at 10.05am before the second 250km race kicking off at 2.40pm (all times local). All of Sunday’s action will be live streamed for free through thenationals.com.au.

For more on the APCS, please visit www.australianproductioncars.com.au, www.facebook.com/AustralianProductionCars or contact Iain Sherrin of Ontic Sports on 0422 449 446 or at [email protected]