Two crash and bash features this weekend at Nagambie Speedway

thumbMEDIA RELEASE: All the fun of the Crash & Bash Association is on again this weekend, this time at Nagambie Speedway when the Boys & Girls head into town for the Mobile Truck Doctor 69 Lapper for the open Crash & Bash field and a well supported feature for the Ladies Crash & Bashers also.

Trent Cauchi who hasn’t competed in a little while returns as a competitor and the sponsor of the popular two day weekend event. Sixty nine laps awaits the finalists on the second day of the weekend if they can survive five heat races before hand.

Matt Sgroi returns to the field as does Rick McCormack & Lennie Bonnici whom all missed the first round of the season at Drouin & all of them could figure prominently in the end results, also Justin Prins and James Carden-David both rookie drivers will join the field as to will Alan George who is sure he has sorted out his electrical gremlins that will let his car actually start.

Rod Disher is looking for redemption after looking very strong in the first round at Drouin until his demise whilst James Kane had a strong finish and could consolidate a head start on the season’s points if he can have a strong finish this weekend.

Ladies Crash & Bash racing is going to be really exciting this season & for the first event of the year, one of the competitors Bianca Brown has worked hard to drum up support & businesses were fantastic in responding giving the Ladies some extra incentive for the weekend with a quality list of drivers competing for honours.

Local & last year’s champion Lady Danielle O’Brien heads the entry list that includes five rookie racers competing for the Moores Chemist rookie of the weekend prize, they include Kath House-George, Jodie Louise – Quigley, Erin Brown at 16 years old, Airielle Wollmer & Bronwyn Miles.

Sharon Morrison, Linda Sinclair, Lea Judd and Bianca Brown are amongst those that are keen to get ahead of O’Brien on the points for the season, that means winning.

Crash & Bash Association thank their supporters for this meeting Crash & Bash Open field:
The Mobile Truck Doctor with event naming rights
Gully Tattoo – Feature Race Hard Charger
DNAirbrushing – Official Sticker Supplier
Ongoing Sponsors: 
Total Autos Pakenham
Blackburn Trailers

Supporters for the Ladies Crash & Bash for this meeting
Team George Racing supporter first place
Gully Tattoo supporting second place
Team George Racing supporting third place
 Moores Chemist supporting best rookie racer

Anybody can win because anything can happen in Crash & Bash, whose it going to be this weekend?

 Ronald George – 0
 James Kane – Victoria 2
 Daniel Williams – Victoria 3
 Matt Sgroi – 7
 Fred Birrell – 10 
Rick McCormack – 29
 Lennie Bonnici – 33
 Rob Disher – 72 
Frank Sinclair – 77
 Adrian Brown – 87
 Rob Bushell – 88
James Carden – David – 90 
Justin Prins – 133 
Andrew Miles – 134
 Trent Cauchi – 172
 Jason Judd – 187
 Matthew Haby – 304
Andrew Corlett – 666
 Alan George – 911
 Kath House-George – 0
 Jodie Louise – Quigley – 2 
Sharron Morrison – 13
 Danielle O’Brien – 33
 Allyssa Montebello – 48
 Linda Sinclair – 77
 Erin Brown – 87
 Airielle Wollmer – 133
 Bronwyn Miles – 134
 Lea Judd – 187 
Bianca Brown – 666