TCM team debuts new Australian racing oil at Bathurst

thumbMEDIA RELEASE: Touring Car Masters driver Cameron Tilley, in the blue ANGLOMOIL Valiant Pacer, has become the first person in Australia to debut Anglomoil’s new RASYN GTR60 engine oil.

The full synthetic 10W60 oil, developed for racing engines and road going performance cars, has undergone extensive testing by the privately owned Australian lubricant manufacturer.

ANGLOMOIL has been supporting Cameron this season and decided that Mount Panorama, the home of Australian motor sport, was the ideal location to launch the new blend.

RASYN GTR60 joins their other ultra high performance engine oils – 5W40 RASYN GT40 and 25W60 RASYN GT60.

They protect load bearing engine components subjected to high stress conditions. They offer excellent shear stability and stay in-grade throughout the recommended oil period.

It has boosted secondary zincs to deliver superior load carrying capacity for engine cleanliness and reduced wear.

Cameron has come to The Mountain with a new 265 cubic inch hemi straight six engine. He is trusting the new oil to protect his engine on the gruelling Mt Panorama Circuit this weekend where he will reach 8000RPM on Conrod Straight.

He had been using an engine oil sourced from the United States which is used in NASCAR racing, and said that after the practice sessions with GTR60 it was the first time he had returned to the pits still with oil pressure.

Despite giving away a lot of horsepower to the V8 cars Cameron was 5th fastest in P1 and came 14th out of 54 cars in race 1. He said this year he is a second quicker in his lap times compared to last year at Bathurst.