Speedway Australia welcomes General Manager, Tim Savell

thumbMEDIA RELEASE: Speedway Australia are happy to announce the appointment of Mr. Tim Savell to the position of General Manager of Speedway Australia.

Mr. Savell brings his extensive experience in the Speedway industry to his new role, with over five years spent in the role of General Manager within the organisation of Speedway New Zealand. Prior to his role as Speedway New Zealand’s General Manager, Mr. Savell was also a journalist for New Zealand Dirt Track Racing Magazine.

He also brings his business acumen to the role, having completed a Bachelor degree in Business Studies and having gained experience in motorsport industry in the private sector.

Mr. Savell said he was delighted to be taking on his new role as General Manager of Speedway Australia.

‘I’m thrilled to be joining Speedway Australia in this exciting role. I’m looking forward to working with the Board, staff and stakeholders of Speedway Australia and having a positive impact in our great sport’, said Mr. Savell.

Speedway Australia is delighted to be able to appoint Mr. Tim Savell to this new role, as part of the Speedway Australia Head Office. We would like to congratulate him on his appointment, and look forward to seeing how he can help shape and guide our sport in the years to come.