‘Racing Together 1949-2016’ book and documentary presented in Valencia

  • Let entertainment commence! The Teatro Liceo in Cheste hosted the presentation

2016 marked the 25th year of the collaboration between the FIM, IRTA, the MSMA and Dorna, and the incredible quarter-century has seen Grand Prix motorcycle racing grow to new heights and widen to new horizons. To celebrate this incredible landmark, there is a special anniversary ‘Racing Together 1949-2016’ book and film documenting the history of the sport and the journey the collaboration has taken; presented at the Teatro Liceo in Cheste just ahead of the Valencia GP. Some of the most important figures in the sport, President of the FIM Vito Ippolito, Dorna Sports CEO Carmelo Ezpeleta and Dorna Sports Managing Director Manel Arroyo took to the stage at the event to give their thoughts on the collaboration, film and book as both projects were presented publicly for the first time – creating the perfect preface to the final showdown following another stunning season of racing.

The book features both chapters on the history of the sport and a look into the beginnings of this collaboration, explaining the past and the foundations that have been laid for the future. With a host of different contributors covering each part of this incredible story, every chapter contains photographs of the action on track and some never-before-seen behind the scenes glimpses into the story of how motorcycle Grand Prix racing became the MotoGP™ World Championship we know today.

The documentary film ‘Racing Together 1949-2016’ has been an incredible undertaking, with interviews from track and paddock legends past and present alongside archive footage from then and now. Traveling across the globe to interview the key players behind the scenes and on the track, the documentary is a true one-of-a-kind project celebrating the awe-inspiring history of motorcycle Grand Prix racing and all those involved in it.

2016 was a stunning season that broke records, and 2017 has been another to cement this era of MotoGP™ as one of the best of all time – the perfect opportunity to look back to the foundations first laid in 1949 and since deepened and strengthened throughout the decades, and to look forward to a future that gets brighter and brighter as every new chapter is written.