Pearson launches 2019/20 campaign

CAMERON Pearson’s 2019/20 campaign will kick off this weekend at Toowoomba’s Hi-Tec Oils Raceway for USC Round One.Pearson launches 2019/20 campaign

Both car and driver are revitalised after the off-season, with the team at HDD Racing making sure everything was 100 percent with the Number 10 during the break.

“We recently sent all of our motors back to the USA as well as our shocks for the car, and had both items rebuilt and serviced for our busy schedule for this year,” Pearson said.

“While they were sent away all we did was re-panel the sides of the car and went over every nut and bolt.

“We also made some new items in our truck for storage for when we will be running two cars at Christmas.”

Pearson gave the late model a shake down yesterday in preparation for the event this weekend.

“It went really well,” he said of the run.

“(There’s) nothing worse then going all that way for something small to let us down at such a long distance from home.”

Pearson raced three rounds of the USC Series last season, but is looking forward to being more involved this time around.

He said the results during those three races last season were fairly mixed, typically being strong at the start of the night and qualifying well before struggling a little in the feature.

“Our last half of last season was really strong and I’m very confident we can change this years results running with some of the best drivers on the east coast,” Pearson added.

There will be no room for drivers to ease into the Series on Saturday night, with Pearson stating it is essential to get off on the right foot, especially considering the Series schedule.

“It will be a tough seven rounds with some of the best, but we are confident we can do our best and hopefully get some good results,” he said.

Pearson first raced at Hi-Tec Oils Raceway last season for the first round of the Series and said from memory the team had a pretty good hit-out in the heats, qualifying sixth in the final, and taking the chequered flag in the same position.

Although the Series this season occupies a large portion of Pearson’s racing season, the youngster said there is a couple of other highlights on the calendar.

“I always love going over to Western Australia to race with the guys over there, so that will be one stand out couple of weeks to look forward to,” he said.

“But this year the bench mark will be set high with the three late model rounds at New Years.

“There’s a lot of money up for grabs so hopefully it brings a lot of cars out of the shed for that one.”

His personal goal for the season is to improve in his results from last season, but admits a win in any of the events on their racing schedule is also something he would like to achieve.

He’ll have to work hard for it though, with Pearson not able to pick the strongest driver in the competition due to the depth in the class.

“(There’s) so much talent from the east coast and also the west coast,” he said.

“Everyone has new gear and the competition has definitely advanced across Australia in the last two seasons.”

Pearson would like to thank the following sponsors who provide him with the expertise and support to get on track:

Tritech Lubricants
Case Construction Vic
Pirtek Bayswater
Ty Twarog Racing
XR1 Rocket Chassis
Fast Freddies Tyre Service
Andy Durham Racing Engines
Highside Promotion