Nyora double header weekend for sport sedans, sprintcars and club classes

Nyora Raceway has had a rotten run of luck with weather forecasts affecting their race meetings and fingers and toes are crossed that this coming weekend a two-day show can go ahead with Sprintcars programmed on Saturday along with the ‘DTR Heavy Vehicle Repairs’ Victorian Sports Sedan title and the Miles Cup for Standard Saloons, to be followed by a club day of racing on Sunday that includes the Robert Bickham Memorial for Sports Sedans and club classes.

Fans will need to get in early both days with Saturday racing starting from 3pm and Sunday from 1pm. At the time of writing, the Sprintcars had attracted once again National Supercars race star Cam Waters from Mildura, Australian 360ci Sprintcar Champion Brett Milburn, Grant Anderson a born into Sprintcars star from Wagga, Jordyn Charge from Melbourne who recently won competing in the South West and Pakenham born and raised Todd Moule who now flies in the things with wings.

The Victorian Sports Sedan title includes the defending champion Jamie Paull form the Melbourne Eastern suburbs who just happens to represent the Nyora club. David Donegan the current number three driver is also in for a steer of his popular Holden eight-cylinder powered Ford Cortina. Damien Miller a two-time Sports Sedan champion will fire up his LS Chevrolet powered Commodore and several other competitors to keep an eye on include Dale Morrison, Warrick Taylor, Shane Kruger, Robert Garlick, Ricky Cornwall, Lee Beach, Rhys Collins, Shane O’Brien, and Matt Nelson.

In the ‘Miles Mechanical’ supported Standard Saloon feature event named the Miles Cup, the best line-up for a few seasons yet has nominated. Daniel Stewart this seasons Victoria three driver leads, Wayne Sheerman, Brad Hill, Rhys Lansdown, Shane Stewart our state number one driver, Mark Miles, Nick Chrystie a former state champion, Mick Ardley another former Victorian champion, Scott Whittle a mere seven times former Victorian champion, Patrick Vuillermin, Craig Templeton, Kacey Ingram, Hanna Domburg, Courtney Meakins, Tracey Ingram and more into the race to honour local South Gippsland and Casey Shire family, the Miles.

For all the action on Saturday racing starts at 3pm whilst the gate will be open for public from around 11am for entry will cost $25 for an adult, Kids 12 to 16 are $10 each whilst all other children are free and Pensioners are $10, Family ticket of 2 adults and two kids 12 to 16 is $50.
For race fans eager for more action, with support for the Lang Lang Returned Services League being generated by the Nyora club, permission has been granted to race from 1pm Sunday on Anzac Day.

Drivers in the Sports Sedan’s keen to stay around town or come into town will honour a former club member and friend of Nyora the late Robert Bickham. A memorial race honouring Bickham will be contested with the before mentioned Beach, Paull, Miller, and Taylor sticking around to compete being joined by all of Bickham’s great club mates and couple of drivers joining in that did not make Saturday night’s show.

Dylan Barrow, Linken Paterson, Jayden Bryant, and Rhys Meakins are front runners in the Speedway Sedans Australia Juniors that will be competing on Sunday in the up to 1500cc class, Aaron Price, Mark Miles, Kacey Ingram, Stephen Douglas, and Anthony Sgroi go at it again in the Standard Saloons.

Victorian Ladies Standard Saloon champion Trish Dike leads the nominations in that class with Sarah Price, Ally Morrison, Courtney Meakins and Bec Glassborow trying to get one over her before the Victorian title in a few weeks time. Damon Ingram the Victorian Junior Standard Saloon champion leads Harry Cecil, Linken Paterson, Owen Cecil, and Matt Shankland on Sunday in his first race meeting since winning the title at Rosedale.

A special price for spectators encourages a great family day at the Speedway with adults able to enter for just $10 each.

Gates to the public open at 10am and racing starts at 1pm entry will cost $10 for anybody aged 12 and above whilst all other children are free. A family ticket of 2 adults and two kids 12 to 16 is $25 with donations form every ticket purchased of a buck each going to the Lang Lang RSL.

Nyora thank the Club sponsors for this season:
Shannon’s Insurance
Miles Mechanical Pakenham
Total Autos Pakenham
Rip it Up Earthworks Bittern
Burson’s Pakenham
PRO1 Race Parts
Outback Riders
Redde Detailing
Highline Racewear
Cut N’ Core
South East Paving
Tooradin Sports Club
ARP Earthworks
All Care Exhausts Pakenham
Bass Concreting
John Duff & CO – Shell
Mepstead Electrical
J Allcock Plumbing
ZT Carpentree
Ramsdale Wreckers
SS AG Services
Polly’s Auto Salvage
Sherlow’s Used Cars
Concept Trade Solutions
Metal Station Farming Products
Napier Photography
JW Bookkeeping
Sticky Biz Apparel
Cecil Excavations
Earth Link Electrical
Mornington Motors
ML Automotive
Peninsula District Towing
Somerville Motor Body Works
Ultimate Awards
BAM Inspect & Build
Pakenham Accident Repairs
BGN Auto Glass
Affordable Auto Salvage
Ripper Sticker
Taylor’d Fabrications
Russell Steel
Heartfelt Candles
Dandenong Pest Control
Pakenham Towing
Wise Steel Sales
Victorian Crane Trucks
EPH Group


Jamie Paull – Victoria 1
Wayne Alberni – Drouin 4
Bailey Perkins – Nyora 4
Dale Morrison – Alexandra 6 (Alex)
Damien Miller – Alexandra 6 (Ax)
Andre Meunier – Rosedale 6
Jeff Blencowe – Drouin 9
Jaidyn Dredge – Bendigo 13
Ricky Cornwall – Alexandra 15
Troy Glassborow – Nyora 16
Matt Nelson – Nagambie 19
Warrick Taylor – Nyora 22
Simon Bent – Nyora 24
Jayde Aarts – Nyora 25
Rhys Collins – Mount Beauty 27
Chris Aarts – Nyora 29 (NY)
Matthew Reddecliffe – Nyora 29 (Prefix N)
Mathew Sgroi – Nagambie 29
Shane Kruger – Alexandra 44
Gavin Dorain – Rosedale 49
Shane O’Brien – Nagambie 54
Robert Garlick – Alexandra 63
Matt Brooks – Wangaratta 65
Jackson Barneveld – Alexandra 68
Josh Beattie – Goulburn Valley 72
Justin McKeegan – Ballarat 72
Broderick Stray – Rosedale 72
Dave Donegan – Alexandra 75
Lee Beach – Alexandra 88
Andrew Jordan – Alexandra 89
Jacob Blencowe – Drouin 90
Harry Orme – Alexandra 99

Shane Stewart – Victoria 1
Daniel Stewart – Victoria 3
Shane Belk – Alexandra 4
Andrew Miles – Nyora 4
Clint Walkinshaw – Drouin 5
Josh Kokshoorn – Bairnsdale 5
Aaron Price – Nyora 7
Mark Miles – Nyora 12
Chris Miles – Nyora 18
Scott Angus – Nyora 19
Nick Chrystie – Nyora 21
Justin Hutchins – Nyora 23
Craig Templeton – Redline 27
Matt Saunders – Nyora 28
Scott Whittle – Nyora 29
Andy Evans – Rosedale 31
Brad Hill – Nyora 36
Kane Gibson – Drouin 41
Kacey Ingram – Nyora 43
Stephen Douglas – Nyora 44
Rhys Lansdown – Nyora 47
Hanna Domburg – Portland 51
Jack Wharton – Bairnsdale 57
Wayne Martin – Nyora 61
Courtney Meakins – Alexandra 67
Wayne Sheerman – Alexandra 69
Mick Coomer – Drouin 76
Tracey Ingram – Nyora 76
Mick Ardley – Nyora 84
Anthony Sgroi – Nyora 88
Patrick Vuillermin – Rosedale 88
Tim McKenzie – Bairnsdale 92
Ash Dean – Nyora 95
Luke King – Nyora 96
Victor Benson – Drouin 96

Jamie Paull – Victoria 1
Wayne Alberni – Drouin 4
Damien Miller – Alexandra 6
Daniel Angus – Nyora 11
Zac Swanson – Redline 15
Troy Glassborow – Nyora 16
Warrick Taylor – Nyora 22
Simon Bent – Nyora 24
Jayde Aarts – Nyora 25
Chris Aarts – Nyora 29 (NY Prefix)
Marcus Reddecliffe – Nyora 29 (N Prefix)
Ray Gould – Nyora 37
Jaeden Alberni – Drouin 44
Corey Knox – Swan Hill 44
Darren Skilton – Nyora 69
Peter Angus – Nyora 72
Jason Judd – Nyora 87
Lee Beach – Alexandra 88
Jacob Blencowe – Drouin 90

Matilda Farrell – Nyora 5
Rye Orme – Alexandra 9
Bree Simpson – Alexandra 10
Dylan Barrow – Alexandra 17
Tenayah Barton – Nyora 19
Ella Sheedy – Nyora 21
Tamika Simpson – Alexandra 23
Tristan Jarred – Nyora 27
Bryce Leek – Nyora 29
Jasmine Bryant – Alexandra 29
River Paterson – Alexandra 47
Linken Paterson – Alexandra 48
Jayden Bryant – Alexandra 49
Jack Randall – Alexandra 51
Kiarna Barton – Nyora 51
Logan Mair – Nyora 61
Maddy Capon – Alexandra 66
Jessica O’Donnell – Nyora 69
Lachlan Robin – Tasmania 84
Rhys Meakins – Alexandra 85
Seth Sloane – Alexandra 93

Aaron Price – Nyora 7
Gary Charles – Rosedale 10
Mark Miles – Nyora 12
Chris Miles – Nyora 18
Matt Leek – Nyora 19
Justin Hutchins – Nyora 23
Matt Saunders – Nyora 28
Kacey Ingram – Nyora 43
Stephen Douglas – Nyora 44
Anthony Murray – Drouin 48
Jack Wharton – Bairnsdale 57
Brodie Ardley – Nyora 84
Anthony Sgroi – Nyora 88
Tim McKenzie – Bairnsdale 92
Ash Dean – Nyora 95
Luke King – Nyora 96

Trish Dike – Victoria 1
Sarah Price – Nyora 7
Jemima Borkowski – Drouin 13
Bec Glassborow – Nyora 16
Hayley Hutchins – Nyora 23
Ally Morrison – Nyora 36
Allana Ardley – Nyora 66
Courtney Meakins – Alexandra 67
Kate Stuchbery – Bairnsdale 78
Jodie Donelly – Bairnsdale 92

Damon Ingram – Victoria 1
Harry Cecil – Victoria 3
Tom & Jack Braz – Bairnsdale 11
Jackie Angus – Nyora 19
Cody Drennan – Nyora 20
Owen Cecil – Nyora 30
Matt Shankland – Nyora 46
Tasharni Murray – Drouin 48
Chase Ingram – Nyora 67
Linken Paterson – Alexandra 69

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