Motor Events Racing – set to break records

Motor Events Racing is at it again, this time heading to Pheasant Wood Circuit at Marulan NSW.

They plan to set a new track record for the most amount of laps completed at a single race event.

With three days and 20+ hours on the track, there is certainly going to be a lot of laps done.

Motor Events Racing is a budget endurance racing series with teams of four or more drivers.

The teams do what they can to keep their budget race cars going the distance.

We spoke to Paul Calder from Motor Events Racing about the upcoming record-breaking event.

“We have participants from all forms of racing coming to compete in our events and this event has certainly seen a lot of interest from across the country.

The participants love the huge amount of track time they get and want more of a fun social environment to race in.” Calder said.

This series runs bracketed racing events so no matter type of budget race car you have, from Excels, Pulsars, Holdens, fords and beyond there is a place for everyone at these events.

“The brackets all run on the track at the same time, it helps keep the event fun as you don’t have to worry about the car next to you as you are not necessarily competing with them”

“If you want a bunch of track time and to have a heap of fun these events are for you. There is always something happening, people are always having a laugh and sometimes we even have more fun off the track than on the track!”

“The team that manages to achieve the record will be in for a nice surprise, not only will they go down in the record books, but we have a few special surprises in store.” he said.

So what are you waiting for, grab some mates and get your budget race car down to Pheasant Wood Circuit.

Event Dates:

Pheasant Wood Circuit NSW April 30-2
Winton Motor Raceway VIC May 15 – Day/Night
Calder Park Raceway VIC August 21-22
Mallala Motorsport Park SA September 4 – Day/Night
Morgan Park Raceway QLD September 11-12 Day/Night
Sydney Motorsport Park NSW. October 3 – Day/Night
The Bend SA November 12-14
Xmas Party @ The Bend November 13th Night