More than 100 race cars at Nyora Raceway this Saturday

This Saturday night more than one hundred race cars and their drivers will cram into Nyora Raceway to deliver an action packed show for spectators with something for everybody from big powerful V8 machines to 1000cc pocket rockets, big races include the Robert Bickham Memorial for Sports Sedans, South Gippsland Classic for Grand Prix Midgets and strong fields for all other classes.MORE THAN 100 RACE CARS AT NYORA RACEWAY THIS SATURDAY – PACKED SHOW

Robert Bickham a late Nyora club member passed away at the end of last year and competitors from Nyora, Alexandra, Redline and all around have come to compete with much of the field aware of who Robert was. Robert was a racer, a crew man, a transport driver and a mate to many of field including this journalist who spent some time with him as part of a race team. He was much loved and drivers keen to win the Memorial race include Simon Bent from down Grantville and his children Seth and Shona who both looked up to Robert as a ‘Pop’ type figure.

Damien & Brendan Miller both adored the man and they won’t be holding back trying to get their hands on this trophy and some of the other top of class line-up includes Jack Ramsdale, Leigh Bourke, Jamie Paull the Victorian Champion, Dale Morrison and Matt Nelson. It will be a sensational race, that is guaranteed.

Support for the Sports Sedan prize money has come from Ramsdale Wreckers and BGN Auto Glass.

The Grand Prix Midgets fresh off their Australian title will compete for their South Gippsland Classic with Chris Fowler who recently led the Australian title until mechanical breakdown keen to get a win ahead of the eventual runner up at that event Jason Crawford, Travis Florrimell who has been a winner recently and Lisa Chalcraft.

Speedway Sedan Australia Top Star and New Star Junior Sedan action comes from a big field of almost twenty competitors with the likes of former national champion Todd Atkins in the line-up against Todd Moule, Chloe Sheerman, Bree Simpson, Darcy Wilson, Zoe Young, Harry Orme and Rhys Meakins in the Top Stars whilst the stronger New Star competitors include Dylan Barrow, Dillon Taylor, Jayden Bryant, Luke Cornfoot and Kiarna Barton who won at the last Nyora event.

Standard Saloon action from the Open Standard Saloon field includes Victoria number two driver Marcus Reddecliffe, Mark Miles, Shane Belk, Neil Ingram and Tracey Ingram amongst competition whilst in the Ladies race Allana Ardley, Ash Wilson and current Victorian champion Trish Dike are keen to pick up the victory.

Compact Speedcar action will pit the Victorian Champion Louis Rodriguez up against Butch & Mark Hutchinson, Tania Hallett, Jamie Paull, Jack & Brad Day amongst others.

Victorian Champion Rhys Lansdown will lead a strong Junior Standard Saloon field with last week’s Drouin winner Jack Yeomans, Lewis Williams, Kacey Ingram, Deegan Benson and Owen Cecil in a dozen car field.

Unlimited Sedans have a ten car field nominated also with Warrick Taylor the Victorian champion up against Darren Nelson who dominated the final this past weekend at Alexandra Speedway. Sean Lister and Trent Susol, Peter Cox and Brian Simon are other strong campaigners keen for a win.

Finally we complete the whole show with the Division 2 Hot Rods also bringing a dozen cars to the event. Leigh Burkett the Victoria number two driver heads a list that includes Rob & Mel Tatterson, Jake Van den Brand, Scott Angus, Cameron Dike, Gavin Allman and Daniel Angus.

During the night the Nyora Raceway Club will also hand over some funds to the Country Fire Authority after raising money at the March meeting for the Bunyip Bushfire Appeal. Some of those funds come from the Victorian Standard Saloon title winner Scott Whittle, who is currently in Queensland attempting to make a return to the venue to be part of a handover ceremony. Scott won a sizeable amount of money at the title and refused to collect the winner’s cheque, instead asking the Victorian Speedway Council and Nyora Raceway committee promise to hand it over to the Bushfire Appeal.

Gates will be open early, racing starts from 3.30pm, costing $20 for an adult, Kids 12 to 16 are $10 each whilst all other children are free, Pensioners are $10 & a Family ticket is $50 for 2 adults and three 12 – 16 kids & others less than 12 in age.

For all enquiries call 0408 076 965

Nyora thank the Club sponsors for this season:
Miles Mechanical Pakenham
Total Autos Pakenham
Rip it Up Earthworks Bittern
Bursons Pakenham
Highline Racewear
HardAzz Concrete and Excavations
Tooradin Sports Club
ARP Earthworks
All Care Exhausts Pakenham
Bass Concreting
John Duff & CO – Shell
Mepstead Electrical
J Allcock Plumbing
ZT Carpentree
Ramsdale Wreckers
SS AG Services
Polly’s Auto Salvage
Sherlow’s Used Cars
Concept Trade Solutions
Flatout Trailers & Fabrication
Random Panda Photography
Onsite Rental Group
Mornington Motors
ML Automotive
Peninsula District Towing
Somerville Motor Body Works
Ultimate Awards
BAM Inspect & Build
Pakenham Accident Repairs
BGN Auto Glass
Affordable Auto Salvage
Ripper Sticker
Taylor’d Fabrications
Russell Steel
Heartfelt Candles
Dandenong Pest Control
Pakenham Towing
Wise Steel Sales
Victorian Crane Trucks
Snap On Mornington Peninsula
EPH Group

Jamie Paull – Victoria 1
Wayne Alberni – Drouin 4
Damien Miller- (AX) Alexandra 6
Brendan Miller – (ALEX) Alexandra 6
David Bent – Nyora 7
Shona Bent – Nyora 9
Lucas Conder – Ballarat 9
Leigh Bourke – Redline 9
Jack Ramsdale – Nyora 11
Seth Bent – Nyora 12
Dale Morrison – Alexandra 13
Troy Glassborow – Nyora 16
Jack Van Bremen – Alexandra 16
Chris Miles – Nyora 17
Darren O’Brian – Nyora 22
Steve McIntyre – Redline 23
Simon Bent – Nyora 24
Jayde Aarts – Nyora 25
Gemma Laidlaw – Bairnsdale 26
Jay Dickson – Geelong 31
Ray Gould – Nyora 37
Nathan Rowan – Redline 48
Gavan Dorain – Rosedale 49
Nathan Fawns – Geelong 52
Matt Nelson – Alexandra 61
Darren Skilton – Nyora 69
Jasmin Molloy – Ballarat 72
Felicity Roycroft – Goulburn Valley 82
Lee Beach – Alexandra 88

Troy Buis – Victoria 5
Mark Blackeby – Victoria 10
Chris Fowler – Victoria 13
Lisa Chalcraft – Victoria 15
Jason Crawford – Victoria 50
Sean Denning – Victoria 52
Team Pitstop Mowers – Victoria 57
Travis Florrimell – Victoria 81

Darcy Wilson – Ballarat 5
Bree Simpson – Alexandra 10
Chloe Sheerman – Alexandra 11
Todd Moule – Drouin 14
Todd Atkins – Portland 17
Zoe Young – Nyora 57
Rhys Meakins – Alexandra 85
Harry Orme – Alexandra 99

Dillon Taylor – Alexandra 4
Rye Orme – Alexandra 9
Luke Cornfoot – Alexandra 19
Tenayah Barton – Nyora 19
Toby Parks – Alexandra 43
Brody Barton – Nyora 47
Jayden Bryant – Alexandra 49
Kiarna Barton – Nyora 51
Logan Mair – Nyora 61
Maddie Capon – Alexandra 66
Dylan Barrow – Alexandra 88
Seth Sloane – Alexandra 92
Jessica O’Donnell – Nyora 96

Marcus Reddecliffe – Victoria 2
Shane Belk – Alexandra 4
Scott Deville – Nyora 10
Brendon Miles – Nyora 12
Mark Miles – Nyora 18
Justin Hutchins – Nyora 23
Jack Brennan – Nyora 34
Polly Perkins – Nyora 66
Tracey Ingram – Rosedale 67
Matt Reddecliffe – Nyora 69
Stephen Douglas – Nyora 74
Neil Ingram – Nyora 79
Plus Driver to be confirmed Nyora 37

Peter Angus – Rosedale 9
Rob Tatterson – Moe 11
Gavin Allman – Moe 18
Kevin Hays – Rosedale 19
Melissa Tatterson – Moe 21
Daniel Angus – Nyora 24
Jake Van den Brand – Bairnsdale 27
Cameron Dike – Nyora 71
Scott Angus – Nyora 72
Gavin Summerill – Drouin 75
Leigh Burkett – Rosedale 81

Warrick Taylor – Victoria 1
Sean Lister – Victoria 2
Trent Susol – Redline 7
Darren Nelson – Drouin 8
Ty Hutton – Rosedale 17
Daryl Nicolson – Drouin 22
Daniel Angus – Nyora 24
Johnny Young – Nagambie 25
Mick Evans – Nyora 31
Peter Cox – Nagambie 62
Brian Simon – Ballarat 75
Anthony McKean – Rosedale 83
Daniel Unternahrer- Alexandra 86

Rhys Lansdown – Victoria 1
Kacey Ingram – Victoria 2
Lewis Williams – Nyora 5
Blake Smith – Moe 10
Kaine Smith – Moe 11
Jack Yeomans – Rosedale 12
Bailey Bennett – Nyora 13
Maddie Miles – Nyora 18
Jackie Angus – Nyora 19
Owen Cecil – Rosedale 21
Deegan Benson – Rosedale 24
Jack Knott – Nyora 32
Harry Cecil – Nyora 56

Trish Dike – Victoria 1
Vicky Price – Nyora 11
Hayley Hutchins – Nyora 23
Molly Johnson – Nyora 26
Rhiannon Skews – Nyora 29
Allana Ardley – Nyora 66
Ash Wilson – Nyora 74

Louis Rodriguez – Victoria 1
Butch Hutchinson – Victoria 2
Jamie Paull – Victoria 4
Mark Hutchinson – Victoria 6
Matt Brown – Victoria 8
Tania Hallett – Victoria 15
Scott Thomson – Victoria 16
Jack Day – Victoria 57
Brad Day – Victoria 59
John Unwin – Victoria 86

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