Michelin partners Mighty Car Mods

Hosted by Marty & Moog, Mighty Car Mods is the #1 Automotive YouTube channel in Australia and one of the most watched DIY automotive programs in the world. With a global audience of over 3 million people on YouTube alone, they have brought together an international community of car enthusiasts and continually inspire others to better their ride.

Marty and Moog’s enthusiasm for all things automotive is evident in every project; whether the car is the latest turbo charged import or an old school barn find, they provide beginners’ tips to the ultimate DIY tricks. There isn’t much over their 10+ years of modifying cars that Marty and Moog haven’t attempted in Marty’s mum’s driveway or the Mighty Car Mods garage.

In 2020, Michelin Australia are proud to join the Mighty Car Mods community as their official tyre partner. As indicated by our car mod experts a tyre upgrade is one of the simplest and most effective performance improvements that can be made.

Michelin tyres are designed to perform throughout their lifespan and believe that Mighty Car Mods will help convey the promise that comes with the Michelin brand; the promise of performance made to last.

The ultra-high-performance Pilot Sport range will be one of the Michelin product families featured throughout the Mighty Car Mods series. Fans can expect to see the Pilot Sport 4, Pilot Sport 4 S and Pilot Sport Cup 2 in action. Michelin stay true to their motorsport heritage through their innovation and market leading product development, with track specific tools to enhance drive day experiences as seen in the show.

Focussing on the end user experience, all tyre features are considered in Michelin’s ongoing product development. The Pilot sport family of products bring technology from Motorsport to everyday consumers and high-performance enthusiasts alike. The range designed provide exceptional vehicle handling and grip, sustainable product performance and uncompromised safety. Aesthetically, these tyres also feature a unique laser cut velvet textured effect on the sidewall; providing a unique look.

Excited for the new partnership, Moog said “We’re incredibly proud to be working with Michelin as the official tyre partner of Mighty Car Mods. We’ve been getting in some serious track time to put the tyres to the test in a variety of environments and we’re really impressed with the results. From our daily driven cars, through to some of our faster builds, we’re proud to be working alongside Michelin, and using tyres that we know we can trust”.

Swaroop Tulsidas, Marketing Manager for Michelin Australia added, “Partnering with Mighty Car Mods, we are able to showcase Michelin’s dedication to long lasting performance and safety. Our products provide the utmost confidence for Marty and Moog, both on road and on track and we’re very proud of that.”

“Car enthusiasts are very passionate and always seek to improve their knowledge. Mighty Car Mods will help us relay our performance made to last promise so that the community can make informed decisions when it comes to replacing their tyres.”

The Mighty Car Mods YouTube series is watched by millions of people from all over the world every week; with their videos boasting a whopping 630+ million views and counting! If you haven’t already subscribed to their channel, be sure to click the link below and join this incredible community of automotive enthusiasts.

LINK > ‘The Ultimate Beginners Guide’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OM8l6fuzg_c

LINK > ‘Track Day Prep’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtSSPhZ8Lvk

For more information on Marty, Moog and Mighty Car Mods, visit www.mightycarmods.com and for the latest on Michelin products, visit www.michelin.com.au