McKenzie Motorsport kicks off new season at Horsham Speedway

Tim McKenzie is set to begin the next phase of his racing career at Blue Ribbon Speedway in Horsham this Saturday night, for his first race meeting since March due to the Covid pandemic and his first race meeting in his former Victorian title-winning car purchased from Lindsay Trotter.

Also, new at McKenzie Motorsport is a Standard Saloon Sedan purchased for fiancé Jodie Donelly. Jodie will race in Standard Saloon’s on a regular basis at Bairnsdale, and where there are Ladies races. This will keep Tim busy right through the season.

McKenzie is setting goals on being a consistent top three finisher at his home track Bairnsdale and cannot wait for the season to begin. McKenzie said, “I’m really excited to be back racing. At Bairnsdale last season I finished second for the Limited Sportsman point score & cannot wait to see what happens with the new car.”

Tim is planning to race at Horsham, Bairnsdale, Rosedale, Hamilton and possibly in South Australia Covid pending. “Jodie and I will do some travelling with Limited Sportsman this season. I really want to test myself against the strongest competition possible and Horsham and Hamilton is the hot bed of our class, with obviously great competition at our home track also.” Shared McKenzie.

The biggest goal this season will be the aim to finish in the top five of the Victorian state title. The car in the hands of Lindsay Trotter won and finished runner up in the title, so McKenzie has set himself a massive improvement in his own results to achieve. “What I hope to achieve after a consistent season last year that saw me finish ninth at the Victorian title, is to finish in the top five this season. That will be an exciting result if I can make that happen. “A determined McKenzie commented.

McKenzie’s fiancé Jodie is the drive behind his determination, without her support, racing is not possible. “The encouragement and support Jodie gives me, has given me a determination to continually challenge myself. Racing is fun; it is even more fun when you are achieving results. We enjoy our successes together.” Shared McKenzie.

Another person McKenzie wanted to single out for a thank you is Lindsay Trotter. “Lindsay has been great for me. He didn’t just sell me the car and walk the other way, far from it. Lindsay has been more than willing to share information about the car with me and that is going to give me a head start on the development of man with machine for me. Lindsay deserves a big thank you.”

With the season ahead, McKenzie Motorsport wanted to thank some supporting businesses;
Halls Bailing & Contracting
2WO 7EVEN Graphics
Bowen Graphic Designs
DMT Sports Media