McHugh makes it two in the Super Series

For the second night in a row Lachlan McHugh has paced the field from the green flag to the chequered as he claimed Night 1 of the Southwest Conveyancing 50 for Fifty at the Premier Speedway at Warrnambool, an event that incorporated Round 3 of the Speedway Australia Sprintcar Super Series. McHugh held out the fast-finishing duo of Matt Egel and Darren Mollenoyux to win the 30-lap finale by less than a second.

“I definitely knew the bottom was going to the place to be on the start and then after the caution I moved up to the top and I got it done. It’s good to be able to back it up after the win last night. It shows we also have good speed down here on these tracks too” commented the feature winner.

Second placed Matt Egel, who put in an exciting highline run, was wrapped to be on the podium following the disappointment of last night.

“There was no looking after the tyres when you are starting from position seven, I just had to go and by the look of that tyre (right rear) there’s only a few laps left on that tyre. I thought I had a chance to get by Locky late, but he was just too good. Bring on tomorrow” added Egel following the race.

After a great battle with “Molly” James McFadden had to settle for fourth ahead of Jye O’Keefe, Grant Anderson, Jock Goodyer, Jamie Veal, Peter Doukas and Brock Hallett.

The big incident of the race came on lap 12 as Marcus Dumesny slammed the turn two wall hard in a shower of sparks after contact with Brock Hallett, destroying the Rowett Motorsport #47.

The opening heat saw James McFadden and Grant Anderson line up on the front row with Johnny Vogels and Lachlan McHugh on row two. Despite starting on the second row, it only took McHugh three laps to take the lead as he got the topside to work as he motored past McFadden for the lead. Add more here!!!

Heat two saw Brad Keller lead the opening lap before Jamie Veal made the pass for the lead in turn 1 on lap 2. Fellow Warrnambool race Darren Mollenoyux followed Veal across the line with Keller eventually finishing third. Jessie Attard secured the final direct transfer from heat 2 after making an outstanding outside move in the opening turn after starting from position six.

The third preliminary heat saw Matt Egel lead all the way after starting from the pole. Former Classic Champion Corey McCullagh, Murray Bridge’s Ryan Jones and Jye O’Keefe completed the top four. Lisa Walker was unlucky not to gain a direct transfer after racing hard with McCallugh for the runner up position early in the race before fading back to finish sixth.

Glen Sutherland and Adam King led the field in for heat 4 with Sutherland leading King until lap 2 when King had a half spin in turn 1 and was collected by Domain Ramsay. David Murcott was lucky to continue as he had to throw the Downing Brothers #97 sideways to avoid contact. Glen Sutherland would go on to win the heat ahead of Peter Doukas and Murcott. South Australian Joel Heinrich was the big surprise of heat four as he progressed to the A-Main after starting from position 9.

Following on from his win the night prior Queensland’s Lachlan McHugh got the night off to a great start as he set the quickest overall time in qualifying as he paced group 1 with a lap of 10.688 seconds. Darren Mollenoyux, Corey McCullagh, Domain Ramsay and Jye O’Keefe also set the fastest times in their heat groups. As the fastest qualifiers they started their heat races from position 4 with the second fastest qualifier starting from position 1.

Qualifying saw the first roll over of the night as David Donegan bought on the red light after tagging the wall in turn three.

The opening Sprintcar race of the night saw the Non-Qualifiers battle it out with Stephen Spark, Supercar racer Cam Waters, David Aldersley, Ben Morris and Matthew Reed progressing to the back of the C-Main.

On the start of the C-Main the caution was quickly out as Troy Hose spun in turn 2 and was collected by Stephen Spark, Andrew Hughes, Cam Waters and Ben Morris. Darryl Atkinson was also involved but he was able to continue along with Morris. Later in the race Robert Nicholas had a big crash in turn four after riding the right rear of Morris. Brett Milburn would eventually win the caution filled race ahead of Jordyn Charge, Dennis Jones and Bobby Daly.

The B-Main ran flag to flag with Tate Frost making it to the A-Main along with Johnny Vogels, Robbie Farr and Brad Warren.

McHugh secured the pole position for the A-Main after winning the dash ahead of Mollenoyux, Goodyer, McFadden, Anderson, Veal, Egel and Sutherland.

The Speedway Australia Sprintcar Super Series continues at the Premier Speedway in Warrnambool on Saturday night with the final night of the 50 for Fifty event (January 23) before the South Australian Swing kicks off with The Battle of the Bullring at the Tolmer Speedway on Monday night.

50 for Fifty Night 1 – Premier Speedway, Warrnambool, Victoria, A-Main Results (30 Laps) – 1. NQ7 Lachlan McHugh. 2. S52 Matt Egel, 3. V3 Darren Mollenoyux 4. W17James McFadden. 5. NT25 Jye O’Keefe, 6. V37 Grant Anderson, 7. T22 Jock Goodyer, 8. A1 Jamie Veal, 9. V98 Peter Doukas, 10. S13 Brock Hallett, 11. S19 Brad Keller, 12. S20 Glen Sutherland, 13. S27 Daniel Pestka, 14. V88 Robbie Farr, 15. S97 David Murcott, 16. V25 Jack Lee, 17. T62 Tate Frost, 18. V70 John Vogels, 19. N53 Jessie Attard, 20.V90 Corey McCullagh, 21. S63 Ryan Jones, 22. S16 Joel Heinrich, 23. V84 Brad Warren, DNF N47 Marcus Dumesny.

Lap Leaders – NQ7 Lachlan McHugh Lap 1 – 30 (4 Bonus Points)
Fastest A Main Lap – NQ7 Lachlan McHugh 11.210 (2 Bonus Points)
Hard Charger – V88 Robbie Farr – Up 9 Positions (2 Bonus Points)

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