M-Sport announces new partnership with Lazer lamps


MEDIA RELEASE: M-Sport is pleased to announce a new partnership with Lazer Lamps for the 2016 FIA World Rally Championship – taking advantage of the company’s new LED light technology from last weekend’s Rally Sweden.

The two companies have collaborated on a research and development project which has culminated in the Triple-R – a lighting solution that’s performance can be utilised at all levels of competition.

Offering weight saving and aerodynamic improvements, Lazer Lamps have achieved a three kilogram weight reduction combined with a 10 percent reduction in power consumption. Improvements in beam pattern – including spread and depth – have also been achieved and the team are keen to take advantage of the new technology.

Driver feedback has been encouraging and the Triple-R will be used across all of M-Sport’s rally programmes with an emphasis on the Ford Fiesta R5.

An R5 upgrade pack will be available immediately – allowing M-Sport’s valued customers to profit from recent development straight away.

Head of Rally Engineering at M-Sport, Chris Williams, said: “We’re pleased to announce a new partnership with Lazer Lamps. Our crews have tested the product and – together with our engineers and designers – found good lighting performance and particular gains in terms of both weight saving and aerodynamic efficiency.”

Lazer Lamps Managing Director, Ben Russell-Smith, said: “We’re very excited about the new partnership with M-Sport. We’ve done a lot of work with the team in order to get the right product for this season and we hope it will provide an advantage as they take to the stages of the FIA World Rally Championship.

“The new Triple-R lights were specifically designed with feedback from M-Sport. The team has been consulted in bringing this product to market and I believe that we have produced something that meets all of their requirements in terms of both performance and advantage gains.

“The initial feedback from the drivers and co-drivers has certainly been very positive and I’m looking forward to seeing what benefits we can provide throughout the year.”