Local businesses back Super Truck racers

The World Gym Australia truck to be piloted by Bill Hynes

The World Gym Australia truck to be piloted by Bill Hynes

Two local businesses will back drivers in the Stadium Super Trucks at the Castrol Edge Townsville 400 this weekend.

Fitness group World Gym Australia and Townsville’s premier Mount Margaret Estate will feature as primary sponsors on the trucks to be raced by Bill Hynes and former IndyCar racer EJ Viso.

World Gym Australia will back renowned Super Trucks racer Bill Hynes with his vehicle set to feature a striking red and silver livery.

It is the first time the company has been involved in motorsport sponsorship having been attracted to the category by the spectacular trucks.

Queensland World Gym Australia franchise owner Mike Nysten, who will attend the event, feels the Super Trucks is the perfect fit for his brand.

Nysten says he would be keen to extend his sponsorship when the trucks visit the Gold Coast in October.

“I have been speaking about different approaches to sponsorship and marketing,” said Nysten.

“The motorsport demographic is very similar to what we are chasing. The 18-40 year-old bracket is the big chunk of our membership.

“Motorsport fits and one of the things we want to differently is to not follow the trends of every other fitness provider.

“The Super Trucks are definitely more exciting. Our brand is a Gorilla holding a bar which is a tough look and I think the trucks emulate that a bit.”

Meanwhile, Mount Margaret Estate is hoping to reap the benefits of sponsoring Viso at one of the biggest sporting events in Townsville.

Property developer Rick Hobson believes the opportunity to get involved was too good to turn down.

He is hopeful Viso’s green and blue truck will create some interest.

“I just find the Super Trucks very entertaining,” said Hobson.

“It is a local development and I hope this gets Mount Margaret Estate out there.

“Having EJ over is going to create quite a bit of interest and give it an international flavour.”

EJ Viso's Mount Margaret Estate backed truck

EJ Viso’s Mount Margaret Estate backed truck