Karting Australia to focus on states, safety and grassroots in 2016

thumbMEDIA RELEASE: Karting Australia will invest heavily in safety and grassroots karting, along the States throughout 2016.

The Karting Australia Board has set in motion plans for a heavy investment in State Association support, improving circuit safety and grassroots karting following its first full meeting of 2016.

Karting Australia will be investing heavily in safety and grassroots karting, along the States.

This investment will be in various forms, including a significant amount of direct financial support, for State Associations and Clubs across the country.

Throughout 2016 there will be direct funding to the tune of $120,000 to member State Associations through a continuation of the State Association Assistance program that was started last year.

This program will be enhanced by a newly created State Championship Implementation Support Fund to make up the bulk of the $120,000 in funding.

With a focus on further enhancing safety at Karting Australia circuits Clubs have the opportunity to apply to Karting Australia for grant funding of up to $10,000 to make safety improvements to their circuits through the Club Circuit Safety Grants Program that will be launched mid-year.

A total fund of $150,000 is being provided in the 2016 budget, in addition to this budget is provision of new high visibility safety vests being supplied to all State Associations and Clubs.

Throughout 2016 there will be a number of National programs aimed at the grassroots level of karting developed and started.

Of these programs, the two major aspects will be “Get Started In Karting” including an heavily expanded “Junior Sprockets” come and try program and “Top Karting Clubs” with a major focus on “Junior and Club Development”.

A “National Risk Management Program” will commence in the second quarter of 2016 and will be complimented by the development of a “Safety 1st Policy” and “National Compliance Register”.

In announcing the initiatives and programs Karting Australia Chairman Mick Doohan said it is all about securing the long-term future of karting in Australia.

“The programs that we have budgeted for are now the highest priority for securing the long term future of karting in Australia,” said Doohan.

“All of these are vital long term initiatives and will be funded heavily over successive years.

“There can be no argument that continually investing in the evolution and improvement of circuit safety, risk management and grassroots programs should be the highest of priorities for the sport.

“Over the next three years we expect to invest more than half a million dollars in the Club Circuit Safety Grants program alone.

“The funding rules of the Club Safety Grants program will be developed in the coming months and we expect to open the first round of applications before mid-year with grants being awarded in the second half of 2016.

“This is unprecedented, guaranteed funding for these crucial areas of the sport.”
Doohan added the fact that Get Started in Karting program is a key part of improving the accessibility to karting for newcomers to the sport.

“The grassroots level of the sport receives a significant focus of our attention in 2016 and beyond,” said Doohan.

“The “Get Started In Karting” initiative will feature the Junior Sprockets come and try program which will take in more venues across the country following the successful pilot program conducted in 2015.

“A key priority is also the “Junior and Club Development” that will lead us to the commencement of our ‘Top Clubs’ platform, these are both programs that will be developed with and for our Clubs and States.

“They are of great importance for the long-term future health and success of the sport.

“In total there is around $500,000 in the 2016 budget for the various programs and incentives.”

Included in the Junior and Club Development/Top Karting Clubs Programs will be an incentive program for Clubs along with a volunteer recognition program.