IHRA Australia 4.90 Noonan Engine “Good to Go”

Noonan Race Engineering are pleased to report with immediate effect that its 4.90 bore spaced engines have been reinstated in Australia’s IHRA PRO Slammer after being ‘suspended’ at the Winternationals in June 2017.

“We believe that our 4.90 aluminum billet engine will support our customers’ needs, not only in performance but also in reliability and ease of maintenance” said Noonan CEO, Jamie Noonan. “Last week we tested the 4.90 engine on track at Darlington Raceway here in South Carolina. Despite trying hot conditions we got down the track for all five runs. All were excellent in terms of ET and mph results, and the engine is in perfect condition. We couldn’t be happier. Our Australian and USA teams are in a great position to advise and support our customer base”.

Tony Defelice was the first Australian Pro Slammer team to purchase and use a 4.90 engine at the recent Winternationals in Australia at Willowbank Raceway. On the team’s 2nd pass with this engine, they ran a PB of 5.84 seconds, and they couldn’t have been happier. Al Billes, the team’s tuner stated “The engine went into the car and ran flawlessly, there were no problems crossing over from the previous combination. I am seriously impressed, it shows what a great program and team Noonan Race Engineering have put together. I am looking forward to seeing what we can do with it now that it has been reinstated”.

From Tony’s perspective he is excited to use Noonan products and sees the high performance and low maintenance really being able to help support his team to “mix it with the best”. He said “There are a number of teams that are putting down lap after lap in R&D, I feel that we were able to quickly get to a tuning position, it is so valuable and enables us to be in the top runners. I am really looking forward to being able to see what we can achieve in the future.”

Australian IHRA’s Pro Slammer teams can now join Australian National Drag Racing Association (ANDRA) racers in being allowed to use the 4.90 bore spaced engines. IHRA will have maximum bore size of 4.550 inches and intake valve diameter maximum of 2.60 inches, whilst ANDRA have always allowed the 4.90 bore spaced engines with no restrictions.

Renee Noonan, Noonan’s Vice President Finance and Operations said “We are really happy for the teams that have already purchased the 4.90 before it was suspended. We can now help these and other teams to capitalize on our position in the USA, and are hoping we can put some really great packages in place to ensure economies of scale and cost-saving initiatives for our loyal customers in Australia.”