Hyper Racer unveils all-new car

Hyper Racer unveils all-new car

Australian Designers and Constructors, Dean and Jon Crooke, have unveiled an all-new race car. The new Hyper X1 Racer, has been built by the Melbourne based company, HyperRacer.

The X1 falls into the FIA Formula Libre / Free Formula category and is the perfect toy for the driver who wants a reasonably priced low maintenance track weapon for competing in Speed Events, Prototype Racing, Hillclimbs or Track Days.

It features a super light weight design of just 350kgs incorporating a radical ground effects aero package and boasts a number of features to bring it in line with current safety standards, including a quick release overhead protection system, wheel tethers, the new FIA cockpit side intrusion panels, and a low nose.

The structural integrity and durability of the core chassis has been extensively tested over the last 9 years in the company’s Hyper PRO and TERRA Racer’s. The specific X1 componentry will undergo a test and tweek program over the next few months.

“The X1 packs serious power to weight of 570hp/ton and aggressive downforce numbers,” explained Jon Crooke. “The beauty of downforce generated by ‘ground effects’ is that the tracks in 2019 are much much smoother than they were in the last ‘grit your teeth and clench your [email protected]‘ ground effects era of the 80’s. These days you can run cars very low without too much variation in ride height over the lap and provide the driver with a comfortable, consistent and predictable driving package,” he added.

“For the driver looking for the ultimate thrill, in a sustainable package, the X1 ticks the box.”