Huge Redline Raceway show slated for this Saturday

Forty of Victoria’s best Modified Sedans and some of the national biggest baddest Late Model Sedans along with thirty Street Stocks will provide race fans a night to remember this weekend when they head up to Mount Buninyong for the Victorian Modified Sedan title and Victorian Late Model title double header race night.

Drivers have come from all across Victoria and plus a handy Queenslander, a young Canberra based racer and New South Wales visitor will complement the line-up to try and win the Modified Sedan title which will also this season double up as the Ern Overall Memorial due to unfortunate weather this season.

Right in the thick of the action will be Redline member drivers and Ballarat residents including Redlines own Australian Champion in the class, Kye Walters. He leads local first year Modified Sedan racer Darcy Wilson, regular Redline racer Lucas Conder, Nick Cockerill a former Australian Junior Sedan champion some years ago, and the Queenslander Joel Berkley an Australian champion and top gun racer in his own right, racer for the Walters team.

With the Atkins brothers Brock and Todd from Hamilton in the mix for victory leading a long list where we are going to miss out somebody who thinks they can win the race. However Jake Drewett knows how to win at Redline, Brody Chrystie is a consistent front of the field racer, David Jacobi from Lismore New South Wales formally from Fyansford, Graham West in a car made more than 50 years ago, Martin Hawson a racer who knows how to win the Victoria title, and Matt Nelson who can wheel anything, including shopping trolley’s are all other race drivers to keep an eye on.

The Late Model Sedan field are also competing for their own Victorian title and they have also attracted a nomination list worth coming to see. Peter Nicola and his brother Mick Nicola along with Callum Harper, Chevy and Brock Edwards and Brendan Hucker are just some of the drivers to keep in mind when they set off for their title race on Saturday night. Harper was second recently at Warrnambool in the class in a race that Mick Nicola was not present for. Harper starts slight pre-event favourite for the title race.

For a club show, the Street Stocks have assembled a strong list of drivers keen to shine on such a big night. Jason Degoldi the new Victoria number two driver and Morris Ahearn the number three and Chris Marina from New South Wales the new Victoria number four are all in the field. Add to that Jayden Blomeley, Brad McClure in what is slated to be his last race meeting at Redline before he retires for a while, Dale Morrison, Aaron White, Jason Duell, Dean Jenkins and Scott Secombe are some other racers in the field that might be in the mix at the start of their feature race.

Gates to the public open at 2pm, aiming for a 4.30pm to 5pm race meeting start.

Entry is Adults $25 & Pensioners $20 Kids 6 to the age of 16 $5 or a family $60 (2 adults & 4 Kids) fully catered venue, no BYO as per law.

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Kye Walters – Australia 1
Brock Atkins – Portland 0
Mathew Stevenson – ACT 3
Darcy Wilson – Ballarat 5
Andrew Dike – Daylesford 5
Damien Miller – Alexandra 6
Wade McCarthy – Mildura 6
Shane Ardley – Nyora 6
Lennie Clark – Bendigo 8
Lucas Conder – Ballarat 9
Scott Angus – Nyora 11
Lachlan Fitzpatrick – Bendigo 11
Nick Cockerill – Redline 11
Matt Gerlach – Avalon 14
Michael Wicks – Bendigo 14
Dale Hallett – Nyora 15
Ricky Cornwall – Alexandra 15
Chris Rieck – Avalon 18
Jake Drewett – Mildura 18
Daniel Wilson – Goulburn Valley 19
Trevor Logan – Mildura 23
Nick Hill – Nyora 25
Jason Andreatta – Nyora 29
Brody Chrystie – Alexandra 32
Taleah Dolic – Mildura 33
Jay Nicolaisen – Goulburn Valley 34
Todd Atkins – Hamilton 36
David Jacobi – Lismore, NSW 36
Cameron Dike – Nyora 37
Jamie Lock – Bendigo 43
Joel Berkley – Redline 45
John Dike – Drouin 51
Mick Boyle – Goulburn Valley 52
Graham West – Bendigo 56
Matt Nelson – South Burnett 61
Shona Bent – Mildura 61
Simon Bent – Alexandra 61
Martin Hawson – Mildura 72
Aaron Bunton – Nagambie 87
Ty Galley – Mildura 88
Jarod Waters – Mildura 92
Rachel Pratt – Goulburn Valley 94

Peter Nicola – Victoria 2
Mick Nicola – Victoria 3
David Robertson – X4
Shane Belk – Victoria 9
Brad Gartner – South Australia 10
Brock Edwards – Victoria 12
Tim Pyke – Tasmania 15
Will Lamb – Victoria 17
Todd Bayley – New South Wales 19
Chevy Edwards – Alexandra 21
Callum Harper – Tasmania 22
Brendan Hucker – Victoria 23
Wayne Belk – Victoria 32

Morris Ahearn – Mortlake 4
Adam Barkby – Alexandra 4
Dean Jenkins – Redline 4
Leigh Gooding – Rosedale 11
Kasey Ferguson – Laang 11
Dale Morrison – Drouin 13
Robert Smith – Ballarat 14
Scott Secombe – Redline 18
Anthony Sgroi – Portland 18
Jason Duell – South Australia 18
Ellen Vagg – Redline 21
Jordan Ellifson – Portland 22
Lee Harrison- Mortlake 22
Dylan Wilkinson – South Australia 24
Brad McClure – Redline 24
Jamie Crutchley – Warrnambool 25
Jason Degoldi – Redline 27
Nathan Dunn – Bendigo 33
Greg Parks – Alexandra 36
Chris Hay – Warrnambool 42
Shaun Jenkins – Redline 49
Zoey Salau – Swan Hill 52
Jacque Whatmore – Ballarat 52
Aaron White – Ballarat 55
Matt Glab – Redline 57
Brian Exner – Mildura 58
Dale Blomeley – Ballarat 61
Jayden Blomeley – Ballarat 62
Troy Blomeley – Ballarat 64
Felicity Roycroft – Wangaratta 65
Kayla Knox – Redline 68
Melissa Crutchley – Warnambool 77
Chris Marino – New South Wales 81
Tyler Barton – Alexandra 94
Stephen Brook – Redline 99

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