Craft-Bamboo Racing launches external public relations division: CBR Media

thumbMEDIA RELEASE: Craft-Bamboo Racing has officially launched an external Public Relations division named CBR Media, which provides a full suite of professional motorsport PR services to any driver, team or sponsor involved with automotive or motorsport activity in the Pan-Asia region.

CBR Media offers various packages to suit clients on all rungs of the motorsport ladder, as well as customised PR solutions designed to fit specific requirements. The newly established PR division will fall under the umbrella of Craft-Bamboo Racing, but will work independently from the competition and engineering departments.

The CBR Media division will work on expanding coverage for their clients through all means, such as social, online, print and broadcast communication. CBR Media will also work to foster new connections with partners and sponsors from around the world, helping drivers and teams to develop their own brand within the industry.

“We have had several interested parties wanting to use our Public Relations department for some time now as this area is one of our real strengths, and it occurred to us that to do this properly we needed an independent division. With the introduction of CBR Media, we can now offer drivers and teams an economical package that will give them the international recognition they need to succeed in the competitive world of motorsport,” said Richard Coleman, CEO of Craft-Bamboo Racing.

CBR Media are also experts at organiSing and running press conferences from concept to execution. Craft-Bamboo has delivered numerous national and international events involving mass market brands and partners, delivering high value exposure every time.

“Craft-Bamboo Racing has been creating internal press releases for itself and some of its drivers over the past two years, and we have developed a system and structure that is effective at gaining exposure throughout the media landscape.

All of our GT and Touring Car programs have been supported by our PR department, and have gained considerable coverage in the international press as a result. With CBR Media, we want to be able to give the same support to other drivers, teams and associates who don’t have the resources to achieve this on their own, and this can now be offered independently of our own needs,” Coleman added.

CBR Media will work with each client to create a personal release schedule, template and contact list that will give them the opportunity to craft and define their image in the automotive arena.

With years of critical industry experience, CBR Media can help anyone to advance their position by focusing attention on the most crucial development areas. CBR Media uses an ever growing database of journalists and motorsport contacts from around the world to specifically target the publications, websites, series and partners that are right for our customers.