‘Bumblebee’ Challenger TA2 reflects support service B-Quik Racing will provide for TA2 Thailand

B-Quik Racing Co. Ltd. (“B-Quik Racing”) is pleased to further announce that alongside the Chevrolet Camaro TA2 it recently confirmed that it will run in the inaugural season of TA2 Thailand this year, a second TA2 machine will also be seen in the exciting new ‘one make’ championship in the familiar black and yellow colours of B-Quik Co. Ltd. (“B-Quik”), Thailand’s premier aftermarket service chain, this time a Dodge Challenger TA2.

This Challenger TA2 – which will be run by the series promoter and is now resplendent in B-Quik Racing’s traditional livery – reflects the wider support that the team will provide to the new series this year in addition to running our own Camaro TA2 as a new extension to our young driver and technician training programme.

B-Quik Racing will provide logistical support to TA2 Thailand including transportation of the racecars to races as well as their storage in between events.

Furthermore, B-Quik Racing will also provide management, services and logistics for the series’ tyre requirements. Already, we incorporate our own dedicated tyre changing zone at all TSS races for the convenience, speed and flexibility that comes from being able to dismount, mount, pressurise and balance wheels and tyres at our pit area. Having this service managed ‘in house’ gives our race technicians an optimum platform for all aspects of tyre management, one of the most strategically important areas when it comes to winning.

Now we will extend that service to service all tyre requirement’s for TA2 Thailand – and with that comes an exciting new challenge as the new series runs on ‘American’ racing style 15-inch wheels with large tyre walls and the use of nitrogen rather than air, meaning out tyre technical staff will also expand their range of skills. We will set up a dedicated tyre changing area for TA2 Thailand at all races.