AASA appoints Business Development Manager

A long-time Benalla Auto Club Member, with an extensive background in business, motorsport and sports management, has taken on the newly formed role of Business Development Manager with the Australian Auto-Sport Alliance (AASA).

Stephen Whyte boasts a diverse background, from running his own businesses for more than 20 years to being involved in sports management, being a qualified driver trainer for Racesolutions Motorsports and with WD Motorsport with the Touring Super Sprint Group as part of the Australian Tarmac Rally Championship.

“I’m excited about this role, as it’s about growth and about choice in our great sport,” Mr Whyte said.

“If I talk about the AASA as a competitor, it was the reason a lot of us could afford to continue to race.

“Now years later, it has the reputation of being ‘consumer based’ and we implement a ‘common sense’ approach to every event we sanction. Our portfolio is growing and now we see ourselves as becoming leaders in our diverse event sanctioning,” he said.

Whyte intends to waste no time connecting with existing and potential partners.

“We have some fantastic partners and I hope to extend those partnerships across the country,” Mr Whyte said.

“We would love to work with all the permanent racetracks all over the country and offer their customers an alternative that is affordable and comprehensive in its coverage.

“The AASA does sanction so many different disciplines of the sport in Australia. I really can’t wait to get out to the different places and events and see how much we can grow.

“To be a huge fan of the sport and be as passionate about it as I am, it’s a dream come true to work with motorsport.”

“Because our core group is all from motorsport and we all grew up through the ranks, we will never lose sight of where we have come from and we will always have that instilled as our foundation.”