Race Car Transporter by Graham Lusty Trailers

thumbMEDIA RELEASE: It’s official, Graham Lusty Trailers (GLT) is now building customised race car transporters.

Specialised aluminium trailer builders GLT has fabricated their first 6 car transporter for Steve McFadden.

Readers should recognise the name Graham Lusty. He is been steering race cars for well over 40 years now.

“Back in the Group A days, I was racing V8 Commodores against the likes of Moffat, Bowe, Johnson and Brock”, said Graham Lusty.

“I had the pleasure of building my first transporter for Allan Moffat in the late 80’s.  From there I built a further 17 transporters in quick succession for a variety of teams”.

GLT - Transporter 5Lusty sold his original company to MaxiTRANS in 2004 and under the arrangement he had to stay out of the industry for five years.

“So I stayed out in the middle and came back started up again in the middle of the GFC and it was instantly successful.

“I started off racing in 1984 in Group C and then when it changed to Group A Allan Moffat was the first one to come and ask me to build a transporter and then a very young Mark Skaife helped design the layout in a transporter for Gibson and there were others including Glenn Seton and Larry Perkins and so on.”

It’s been a long time between drinks for Graham.  Some 25 years later, he and his team at GLT have manufactured their first GLT branded transporter.

“I have been approach by several major teams over the past 10 years but I was not happy with my designs”, continued Graham. “Now, thanks to the creativity and ingenuity of my engineering team here at GLT, the design concept is spot on”.

GLT - Transporter 1Aluminium and stainless steel is extensively used throughout the trailer.  Where aluminium cannot be used the design team fall back on stainless steel.  Where stainless steel cannot be used then 700 Grade steel is sand blasted and painted in 2 pack paint. All fasteners and rivets are stainless steel.

“Our walls are made with a special aluminium plank which has a double skin and internal bracing.  This means that our transporters do not require any internal framing”, explains Operations Manager James Yerbury.

“Our chassis are also made from Marine grade aluminium and depending on your choice of suspension even the suspension hangers are aluminium”.

The outer walls are skinned in a Styrofoam and finished with fiberglass.  This gives the trailers with a clean skin finish.   The roof is a one piece CNC cut fiberglass/Styrofoam composite.  Overall, the trailers are highly insulated against the environment and noise.

GLT - Transporter 4As you can imagine, these new transporters will handle Australian conditions exceptionally well. “We have repaired some relatively young transporters over the past few months which were manufactured by other brands and the amount of rust in these units was astonishing,” continued James. “Our transporters cannot rust or leak water.”

For this first unit, the GLT team built and designed the twin cable tailgate lift. The tailgates run a stainless steel RHS frame skinned in aluminium plate as standard.  Hydraulics are controlled using a wireless remote control.  ‘We also are offering a custom Dhollandia tailgate system if you want to wait the 16 weeks for it to arrive from Europe,” commented James.

GLT has entered the market with a highly customisable product.  Standard specs included air-con, remote hydraulic tailgate, hydraulic landing legs, 14KVA generator and keyless entry.

A small sample of options include luxury interiors designed and installed by boutique contractors, solar/electric and Smart phone trailer function controls.