Speedcafe.com News Extra guidelines

The Speedcafe.com News Extra service has been developed to provide an outlet for all that information which is not strong enough to make our mainstream editorial list, but which is important to competitors, teams, events, fans and sponsors alike.

Media managers, teams, drivers and sponsors are encouraged to sign up to this FREE service and submit their own media releases on Australia’s leading motorsport news website, Speedcafe.com.

The following conditions apply for the News Extra service. Failing to follow these guidelines may result in the content being rejected and/or your user account being banned. 

  1. Provide your information to us first or at the same time as other outlets or contacts – including your own website. Exclusive content will be given priority.
  2. General news will be accepted at any time. Preview information will be accepted at anytime in the week of an event. Speedcafe.com WILL NOT publish anything that refers to events that have not happened within the last 48 hours.
  3. This service is free to anyone in the industry.
  4. All images supplied must be copyright free or used with permission. Photo credits can be applied when requested. Stories without an image will be rejected.
  5. Headlines must be sentence case, not all uppercase.
  6. If a user regularly submits content that is poorly written, these will not be approved and your account may be removed. This assessment is done on a case by case basis and all decisions are final.
  7. Anyone providing false or misleading information will be banned from further postings.

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