Australian Motor Sport Hall of Fame Criteria


The Australian Motor Sport Hall of Fame was founded in 2015 by Australia’s motor sport sanctioning bodies;

  • Confederation of Australian Motor Sport (CAMS)
  • Motorcycling Australia (MA)
  • Karting Australia
  • Australian National Drag Racing Association (ANDRA)
  • Speedway Australia

An initiative of CAMS, the HoF has received strong support from the Australian Motor Sport fraternity and important stakeholders, including the Australian Grand Prix Corporation and Supercars Australia.

Organising Committee

The Organising Committee comprises Martin Port (MA), Andrew Westacott (AGPC), Eugene Arocca (CAMS) and Garry Connelly as Chair. Marie Dinsdale is the Executive Officer. John Harnden (AGPC) is special adviser to the Committee.

The Australian Motor Sport Hall of Fame membership is divided into the following categories;

Competitor Members: those who have competed at the highest level of competition available in their chosen discipline(s).

  • Competition Members will fall into one of the following sub categories;
  • Motor Racing
  • Motorcycle Road Racing
  • Motorcycle Off Road (including Motocross and Enduro)
  • Motorcycle Track (including Speedway)
  • Drag Racing Karting
  • Rallying
  • Off Road Racing
  • Speedway (cars)
  • Land Speed Records

Special Members: those selected for excellence and outstanding achievements in roles supportive to motor sports’ participants (team management, administration, media/history, engineering, technology and officiating).

Number of Inductees Annually

Due to the very large number of outstanding individuals within motor sport who would rightly qualify for induction, the fact that the Hall of Fame only commenced in 2015, and because of the difficulty in inducting a large number on one occasion, it is accepted that many of those who were worthy inductees as of 2015, were not able to form part of the initial induction.

Accordingly, they will be inducted in groups over the following years along with other worthy candidates.


Apart from an individual’s achievements in the sport, the Voting Pane will take into account a person’s peer support, endorsement of their recognised sanctioning authority, personal integrity, sportsmanship, community reputation, social responsibility and character.


  1. Potential Inductees must:
    • be Australian Citizens or Residents or have held a competition license issued by a recognised Australian sanctioning body for a significant period of time;
    • be superior achievers (i.e. “famous”) at the highest level of competition in their chosen discipline;
    • have participated in a discipline which is one of national or international significance
  2. Potential inductees shall not be considered until after at least a two year waiting period following:
    • retirement from their highest level of competition in a particular discipline; or
    • the performance of a particularly outstanding achievement that warrants special recognition or where in the relevant discipline, age is not a barrier to continued competition.


  1. For consideration in this category, a potential inductee must have achieved great success as either a team principal or manager, technical or engineering innovator, sporting administrator, official, or member of the media at the very highest level either nationally or internationally.
  2. The potential inductee must have made a very significant contribution to motor sport at the international or national level.
  3. Potential inductees may also have been competitors or have been involved in other areas of motor sport, but their achievements must satisfy the criterion detailed in point number 1 above.
  4. Irrespective of their area of involvement, potential inductees must have been committed to the development of the sport, have contributed to motor sort at the highest level either
    nationally or internationally, and risen to the highest level possible within their chosen field.
  5. Long service is not sufficient on its own to qualify a person as a potential inductee.


A special category of inductees will be created, known as ‘Legends’.

Individuals are selected for Legend status if they have had a particularly significant positive impact on motor sport or achieved true greatness in motor sport either in Australia or internationally.

They must have previously been inducted into the Hall of Fame.

Voting Panel

The voting panel comprises representatives of;