Speed Kings Book Week

Three Speed Kings books will be given away each day this week!

John Smailes has detailed Australia and New Zealand’s quest to win the Indy 500 in his new book ‘Speed Kings’ and to celebrate its release we’re giving you the chance to win one.

There’s 21 books to win over the week!

This competition has closed. 

Congratulations to our winners –

Michael Shaw 2113
Jack Lindgren 2305
John  Beggs 7011
Thomas OConnor 4118
Mark Bugg 6035
Gordon Buttrey 2121
Geoff Evans 4055
Paul Lewis 5064
michael hernando 2213
jeff mc donell 3564
Tracey Pugsley 2756
Ben Neilsen 3440
Ross Wood 3030
Ray Pentti 4655
Timothy Weier 4034
Andrew Daniels 6018
Michael ford 4359
Trevor Kirk 2218
Grant Farrell 3448
Andrew Calvert 3377
Anthony Jaekel 5041