Supercars responds to claims of illegal Triple Eight tank

The Triple Eight Race Engineering refuelling tanks

Supercars head of motorsport Adrian Burgess says there is nothing untoward about Red Bull Ampol Racing’s refuelling rigs despite claims from rivals.

On Thursday it emerged at least one team had complained to Supercars about what they believed were illegal refuelling tanks.

Concerns were raised due to their balloon-like appearance, which it was believed might allow Triple Eight Race Engineering to fit in more fuel.

As a result, there were fears that would create more head pressure in the tank and allow Triple Eight Race Engineering faster fuel flow rates and net a faster pit stop time.

Following the complaint, measurements were taken of the fuel tank to confirm it was indeed compliant.

“A team complained that the shape of [Triple Eight’s tank] was more bulbous than the others, which is correct, it is,” Burgess told

“I pointed out to them that we calibrate the fuel tanks every year at the start of the season. Dimensionally and volumetrically, those rigs haven’t changed. They’re all 120-litres or 140-litres depending what the drop is, it’s the same for everybody.

“We knew we were right anyway, but we went back through our numbers last night and checked over what the numbers were for the four previous years and they haven’t moved. We’re more than comfortable that there’s nothing untoward happening.”

Today, Triple Eight Race Engineering team manager Mark Dutton confirmed to that the tanks have been ballooned for some time.

Dutton explained the expansion of the tank was because of how it had been stored in hot conditions over time.

Burgess said it was not surprising that one might believe that the team may have an advantage given the significant visual difference between tanks.

“It’s exactly the same,” said Burgess.

“It hasn’t changed from this year to last year. Dimensionally, the one we calibrated has been exactly the same for three years.

“We checked it at Bathurst and we’ve checked the measurements on it this weekend. It’s the same.

“It’s good they’re looking for every last detail,” he said of the complainant.

“I’m comfortable there’s no charge to bear there. It’s the logical thing for them to think, but we’re already across it.”

Burgess said Supercars might “tighten up” its process for the next event to ensure teams are confident each tank is identical.

However, he reiterated he believes there is no issue to be had.

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