Percat keeps podium, BJR loses team points

Nick Percat

Nick Percat will keep his podium in Race 12 of the Repco Supercars Championship but Brad Jones Racing has lost the corresponding teams’ championship points over the tyre pressure breach.

Percat drove the #8 R&J Batteries ZB Commodore to third in the opening race of the Merlin Darwin Triple Crown, but came under scrutiny during the encounter for allegedly going under the minimum mandated tyre pressure.

The matter was ultimately sent to a post-race investigation, which is said to have lasted two hours, before the findings were handing down.

Stewards opted to issue the following penalty: “Loss of all 2021 Repco Supercars Championship Teams Points for Car #8 in Race 12.”


The penalty therefore amounts to 86 teams’ championship points, given that is the figure for finishing third in each race at Hidden Valley this weekend.

BJR’s #8 and #14 cars, which are paired for the purpose of that title, nevertheless remain eighth in the standings, on a reduced 1128 points.

As previously reported, the issue was an unusual one given the breach of the minimum 17 psi tyre pressure occurred before the race had started.

However, such is the relevant rule in the Operations Manual, a breach can also be committed while a car is on the grid waiting for the race.

Stewards accounted for a number of mitigating factors, including that Car #8’s tyres were all above 17 psi at pit exit on the way to the grid, and that the rule in question is officially a sporting rule (Division D of Operations Manual) rather than a technical rule (Division C).

According to the stewards decision document, the drop in pressure on the grid was noticed by Percat’s engineer, Andrew Edwards, who brought the issue to the attention of Supercars head of motorsport Adrian Burgess.

Two tyres were found to have fallen under 17 psi, both on the right-hand side, which was in the shade rather than the sunlight shining on those on the left-hand side.

Given the suspicion also of a puncture or other fault, Burgess granted permission to change the right-hand side tyres, but would take the tyres which had been replaced.

Furthermore, BJR would be reported to stewards if those suspect tyres were found to have no puncture or other fault, and that was indeed the case.

It should be noted, however, that the pressures on the tyres used during the race itself remained above 17 psi, and Percat was in fact disadvantaged when the pressures on the new right-hand side tyres increased given they had not been bled on the grid.

Stewards found that BJR had “erred” in running pressures so low on the way to the grid, but acknowledged that the team identified the error and complied during the race itself.

“This is an unusual set of circumstances,” reads the stewards’ list of reasons for the decision, in part.

“Because Car #8 complied with the Rules throughout the race (even though it did not comply before the race started), we are satisfied that a Penalty of Disqualification would be disproportionate.

“However, a Penalty is required.

“The Rule was breached and the breach would have resulted in Disqualification had the Team not disclosed the non-compliance to the HoM [head of motorsport] and it was detected during the race or had the HoM refused permission to change the non-complying Control Tyres.”

One post-race penalty has been made official on the timesheet, however, namely the five-second slap to Tickford Racing’s James Courtney for a restart infringement which sends Car #44 from fourth to 10th.

Erebus Motorsport’s Will Brown is the main beneficiary of that sanction, with Car #9 officially classified fourth having crossed the finish line in sixth.

Brown had already gained one position due to the five-second penalty against team-mate Brodie Kostecki, who was fourth at the chequered flag, for driving through the infield after late contact with Courtney sent him spinning at Turn 5.

CLICK HERE for full stewards report

Results: Race 12, Merlin Darwin Triple Crown Updated

Pos Num Team/Sponsor Driver Car Laps Race time
1 25 Mobil 1 Appliances Online Chaz Mostert Holden Commodore ZB 38 48:28.5327
2 6 Monster Energy Racing Cameron Waters Ford Mustang GT 38 48:40.9228
3 8 R&J Batteries Nick Percat Holden Commodore ZB 38 48:43.8940
4 9 Erebus Motorsport William Brown Holden Commodore ZB 38 48:51.8477
5 34 UNIT Racing Jake Kostecki Holden Commodore ZB 38 48:53.2959
6 27 Walkinshaw Andretti United Kurt Kostecki Holden Commodore ZB 38 48:53.7768
7 3 CoolDrive Racing Tim Slade Ford Mustang GT 38 48:54.1931
8 99 Erebus Boost Mobile Racing Brodie Kostecki Holden Commodore ZB 38 48:54.2629
9 55 Castrol Racing Thomas Randle Ford Mustang GT 38 48:54.5168
10 44 Boost Mobile Racing James Courtney Ford Mustang GT 38 48:54.9544
11 2 Mobil 1 Middy’s Racing Bryce Fullwood Holden Commodore ZB 38 48:55.0299
12 88 Red Bull Ampol Racing Team Jamie Whincup Holden Commodore ZB 38 48:55.2368
13 97 Red Bull Ampol Racing Team Shane van Gisbergen Holden Commodore ZB 38 48:57.0425
14 17 Shell V-Power Racing Team Will Davison Ford Mustang GT 38 48:57.7729
15 7 NED Whisky Racing Andre Heimgartner Ford Mustang GT 38 48:58.6221
16 35 Yellow Cover Racing Zane Goddard Holden Commodore ZB 38 49:03.8820
17 96 Coca-Cola Racing Macauley Jones Holden Commodore ZB 38 49:05.4570
18 22 Team SYDNEY Garry Jacobson Holden Commodore ZB 38 49:05.6505
19 26 Penrite Racing David Reynolds Ford Mustang GT 38 49:06.0000
20 5 Truck Assist Racing Jack Le Brocq Ford Mustang GT 38 49:08.1555
21 20 DEWALT Racing Scott Pye Holden Commodore ZB 36 48:38.2738
22 18 IRWIN Racing Mark Winterbottom Holden Commodore ZB 29 48:36.8255
NC 11 Shell V-Power Racing Team Anton De Pasquale Ford Mustang GT
NC 14 Pizza Hut Todd Hazelwood Holden Commodore ZB
NC 19 Local Legends Fabian Coulthard Holden Commodore ZB
NC 4 SCT Logistics Jack Smith Holden Commodore ZB

Fastest lap (bonus): Shane van Gisbergen 1:06.9399s, Lap 12

Drivers’ championship Updated

Pos Driver Pts
1 Shane van Gisbergen 1161
2 Jamie Whincup 968
3 Chaz Mostert 966
4 Cameron Waters 940
5 Will Davison 903
6 Mark Winterbottom 723
7 Nick Percat 703
8 Andre Heimgartner 686
9 Brodie Kostecki 675
10 Anton De Pasquale 648
11 William Brown 624
12 James Courtney 618
13 Scott Pye 608
14 David Reynolds 578
15 Bryce Fullwood 575
16 Jack Le Brocq 546
17 Todd Hazelwood 511
18 Jake Kostecki 506
19 Zane Goddard 480
20 Tim Slade 474
21 Fabian Coulthard 334
22 Jack Smith 330
23 Garry Jacobson 319
24 Macauley Jones 318
25 Thomas Randle 192
26 Kurt Kostecki 162

Teams’ championship Updated

Pos Car(s) Team Pts
1 88 97 Triple Eight Race Engineering 2129
2 6 44 Tickford Racing 1558
3 11 17 100 Dick Johnson Racing 1551
4 2 25 Walkinshaw Andretti United 1541
5 18 20 Team 18 1331
6 9 99 Erebus Motorsport 1299
7 7 26 Kelly Grove Racing 1264
8 8 14 Brad Jones Racing 1128
9 34 35 Matt Stone Racing 986
10 19 22 Team Sydney 653
11 4 96 Brad Jones Racing 648
12 5 Tickford Racing 546
13 3 Blanchard Racing Team 474
14 55 Tickford Racing 192
15 27 Walkinshaw Andretti United 162

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