Whincup: Gen3 will be ‘100 percent’ ready for 2022

Jamie Whincup (right)

Supercars will have Gen3 ready to race in 2022. That’s the message from Jamie Whincup amid growing fears the next-generation car won’t be delivered in time.

Earlier this month the first images of a Triple Eight Race Engineering-built Gen3 chassis were revealed, giving some teams their first look at the new set-up.

According to Supercars CEO Sean Seamer, the first prototype is set to hit the track midway through this year.

However, there is some apprehension Gen3 won’t be delivered in time for the new season.


Tickford Racing team boss and Supercars Commission member Tim Edwards was non-committal when asked if Gen3 would be ready.

Kelly Grove Racing co-owner Todd Kelly has expressed concerns the timeline Supercars is working to will drive up costs for his team.

Speaking with Speedcafe.com, Whincup declared Gen3 will be ready in time for the start of 2022, barring extenuating circumstances.

“We’ll be ready to go come mid-Feb, for sure, and testing beforehand,” said Whincup.

“One hundred percent, we’ll be ready to go. There will be Gen3 on the grid. Unless COVID blows up or some other issue happens, a bloody tsunami hits the east coast, we’ll be running Gen3 next year. Touch wood, we’ll be running Gen3 next year.”

Whincup said he’s conscious that there are some anxious people in the pit lane.

A lot of that concern stems from a supposed lack of communication between Supercars and its teams.

Several figureheads Speedcafe.com has spoken to feel they have been kept in the dark about the project.

A Triple Eight-built Gen3 chassis

However, the seven-time champion, who sits on the Supercars Commission and sees the work Triple Eight Race Engineering has done on Gen3, said people can be confident it will be delivered.

“If you don’t know, if you’re not getting the comms, of course you’re going to be a bit reserved in what’s happening,” Whincup explained.

“You always ask those questions when you don’t know what’s happening, but you can’t blame Supercars because they’re flat out making it happen.

“That happens at Triple Eight. That happens in my car wash. You know what I mean? It happens in most businesses. You’re spending all your time trying to move forward. You forget to spend time just bringing everyone up to speed. But, that’s part of running any business.

“At the moment, Supercars, they’re doing a good job at making it happen,” he added.

“They’re so flat out making it happen. It’s so common in most businesses, it just takes time to inform everyone on what’s happening.

“But there’s some really good people. They’re doing a really good job. And, if you ask me, it will be on the grid next year, and it’ll be a better product. And I think we’ve got a bright future.

“People are sceptical because they don’t have the info. I’m sure once they do get the info, they’ll be onboard.”

Whincup (#88) aboard his Gen2 ZB Commodore

Whincup is of the belief that Supercars cannot further delay the introduction of Gen3 and continue racing an out-of-production model.

More than half of the current Supercars field is filled by an outdated Holden ZB Commodore after the demise of the Australian brand in 2020.

A new-look Ford Mustang will be introduced in 2022 alongside the Chevrolet Camaro, which effectively replaces the outgoing Commodore.

“We can’t run an outdated car,” said Whincup.

“Imagine, at the end of next year, still running an outdated car. That’s far from ideal.

“Plus, we want the racing to be better. We need something fresh and exciting. And we’ve got to make sure it’s appealing to the 18 to 24 year olds.”

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