McLaughlin keeps Bathurst win, Coulthard put last, DJRTP docked points and fined $250k

Scott McLaughlin and Alexandre Premat have retained their Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 win

DJR Team Penske’s #17 entry has kept its Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 win but its second car has been relegated to last finisher due to a breach of the FIA International Sporting Code.

Additionally, the Ford squad has been docked 300 teams’ championship points, which means its tally has dropped a total of 420 points due to Fabian Coulthard’s latest penalty.

It has also been fined $250,000, of which $100,000 is suspended until 31 December 2021, on the condition that the team commits no further breach of Appendix B of the ISC and no breach of any of Rules B6.5.4,(Conduct Prejudicial) or D24 (Team Orders) of the Supercars Operations Manual prior to that date.

The release of the stewards decision confirms that the charge of a breach of Appendix B of the ISC was additionally laid on the team due to the “ambiguous terms” contained with Rule D24 of the Supercars Operations Manual, under which DJRTP was initially charged.


It also states that, “We are prepared to assume that there was no intention to advantage Car #17,” in the instructions given to Coulthard to slow down under the Safety Car in question.

The charge is specified as follows:

The Charge

After conferring with the Stewards, the DRD subsequently laid a charge on DJRTP alleging, in lieu of a breach of Rule D24, given its ambiguous terms, a breach of Appendix B to the 2019 ISC (Code of Good Conduct), in particular the Obligation of Fairness.

The Obligation of Fairness in Appendix B to the ISC is in the following terms:

“All FIA Licence-holders and all Participants in International Competitions must not, in any way whatsoever, infringe the principles of fairness in competition, behave in an unsportsmanlike manner or attempt to influence the result of a Competition in a way that is contrary to sporting ethics, in particular within the context of betting on the Competitions registered on the International Sporting Calendar.”

DJRTP is, by virtue of the definition in the ISC, a Participant in an FIA International Competition. A breach of Appendix B to the ISC committed by a Participant is liable to a Penalty applied by the Stewards by virtue of Articles 12.2.1 and 12.2.2 of the ISC.

The stewards decision document advises that the team admitted to the breach of the ISC, reporting that: “DJRTP has admitted that in giving the direction to Car #12 to slow down after the Safety Car intervention was announced on Lap 134, it breached the Obligation of Fairness in Appendix B to the ISC.”

Stewards consider Coulthard’s penalty to be fair as he was deemed to be somewhat complicit in the breach, given that it should have become apparent to him that there was no debris on the race track in his vicinity.

They also concluded that his engineer’s mispronunciation of the word ‘debris’ in radio communications was evidence of him speaking to a ‘script’. However, stewards do not attribute the message to the actions of the engineer alone and surmise that he was a ‘conduit’ for the instruction from a more senior member of the team.

According to the decision document, the team’s authorised representative, which is managing director Ryan Story, did not give the direction and had no knowledge of it being given, which the stewards accepted.

Ultimately, a maiden Bathurst 1000 victory for Scott McLaughlin, Alexandre Premat, and indeed DJRTP in its current guise, does stand, and they do retain the 300 drivers’ championship points which they each earned.

Coulthard, however, drops from a provisional third to fourth in the championship due to he and co-driver Tony D’Alberto receiving only 84 points as a result of being classified 21st instead of their original sixth position, and promotion of Chaz Mostert from 16th to 15th.

It is noteworthy that stewards do not have the authority to impose a fine exceeding EUR250,000, and under Supercars regulations cannot penalise a team by more than 300 points.

The penalties are officially noted in the decision document as follows:


We impose a Penalty in the following terms:

  1. Fine in the sum of AUD$250,000 , $100,000 of which is suspended until 31 December 2021 on condition that DJRTP commits no breach of Appendix B of the ISC or any breach of Rule B6.5.4 (Conduct Prejudicial) or D24 (Team Orders) of the Manual prior to that date; and
  2. Car #12 is demoted to finishing position 21 in the classification for Race 25; and
  3. The Loss of 300 2019 Virgin Australia Supercars Championship Team’s Championship Points.

CLICK HERE to read the evidence which stewards considered in full.

Results: Race 25, Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000 Updated

Pos Num Team/Sponsor Drivers Car Laps Race time
1 17 Shell V-Power Racing Team S.McLaughlin/A.Premat Ford Mustang GT 161 6:27:51.5260
2 97 Red Bull Holden Racing Team S.van Gisbergen/G.Tander Holden Commodore ZB 161 6:27:52.2060
3 22 Mobil 1 Racing J.Courtney/J.Perkins Holden Commodore ZB 161 6:27:53.4029
4 888 Red Bull Holden Racing Team J.Whincup/C.Lowndes Holden Commodore ZB 161 6:27:54.1959
5 9 Penrite Racing D.Reynolds/L.Youlden Holden Commodore ZB 161 6:27:55.1691
6 18 Irwin Racing M.Winterbottom/S.Richards Holden Commodore ZB 161 6:27:57.1487
7 2 Mobil 1 Racing S.Pye/W.Luff Holden Commodore ZB 161 6:27:58.1348
8 15 Castrol Racing R.Kelly/D.Wood Nissan Altima 161 6:27:58.1993
9 5 The Bottle-O Racing Team L.Holdsworth/T.Randle Ford Mustang GT 161 6:27:58.5099
10 23 Milwaukee Racing W.Davison/A.Davison Ford Mustang GT 161 6:27:59.2294
11 34 Boost Mobile Racing J.Golding/R.Muscat Holden Commodore ZB 161 6:27:59.3822
12 33 Boost Mobile Racing R.Stanaway/C.Pither Holden Commodore ZB 161 6:28:02.7883
13 78 Team Harvey Norman S.De Silvestro/A.Rullo Nissan Altima 160 6:28:04.9060
14 8 7-Eleven Mobil Racing N.Percat/T.Blanchard Holden Commodore ZB 160 6:28:31.9520
15 55 Supercheap Auto Racing C.Mostert/J.Moffat Ford Mustang GT 160 6:28:32.0538
16 21 Team CoolDrive M.Jones/D.Canto Holden Commodore ZB 160 6:28:32.5413
17 19 Truck Assist TEKNO Racing J.Le Brocq/J.Webb Holden Commodore ZB 160 6:28:32.5632
18 27 NAPA Auto Parts Racing A.Rossi/J.Hinchcliffe Holden Commodore ZB 159 6:28:04.6436
19 3 Racing G.Jacobson/D.Fiore Nissan Altima 159 6:28:25.4751
20 6 Monster Energy Racing Team C.Waters/M.Caruso Ford Mustang GT 148 6:28:03.2689
21 12 Shell V-Power Racing Team F.Coulthard/T.D’Alberto Ford Mustang GT 161 6:27:55.5946
DNF 7 Plus Fitness Racing A.Heimgartner/B.Fullwood Nissan Altima 157 6:13:56.2720
DNF 99 Penrite Racing A.De Pasquale/W.Brown Holden Commodore ZB 125 4:56:49.2597
DNF 56 Team Arcoweld Racing B.Kostecki/J.Kostecki Holden Commodore ZB 111 4:14:41.8455
DNF 35 Bigmate Racing T.Hazelwood/J.Smith Holden Commodore ZB 98 3:41:34.4961
DNF 14 Freightliner Alliance Racing Tim Slade Holden Commodore ZB

Note: Car #12 relegated to 21st position

Drivers’ championship Updated

Pos Driver Pts
1 Scott McLaughlin 3308
2 Shane van Gisbergen 2686
3 Chaz Mostert 2447
4 Fabian Coulthard 2401
5 Jamie Whincup 2380
6 David Reynolds 2306
7 Cameron Waters 2065
8 Nick Percat 2020
9 Will Davison 1967
10 Lee Holdsworth 1872
11 James Courtney 1768
12 Mark Winterbottom 1720
13 Anton De Pasquale 1665
14 Scott Pye 1552
15 Andre Heimgartner 1526
16 Rick Kelly 1482
17 Tim Slade 1458
18 James Golding 1361
19 Todd Hazelwood 1291
20 Simona De Silvestro 1261
21 Macauley Jones 1005
22 Jack Le Brocq 1000
23 Garry Jacobson 950
24 Richie Stanaway 872
25 Michael Caruso 312
26 Alexandre Premat 300
27 Chris Pither 297
28 Jack Smith 285
29 Garth Tander 276
30 Thomas Randle 276
31 Jack Perkins 258
32 Craig Lowndes 240
33 Luke Youlden 222
34 Tim Blanchard 219
35 Steven Richards 204
36 Warren Luff 192
37 Dale Wood 180
38 Alex Davison 156
39 Richard Muscat 144
40 Alex Rullo 132
41 James Moffat 120
42 Dean Canto 114
43 Jonathon Webb 108
44 James Hinchcliffe 102
45 Alexander Rossi 102
46 Dean Fiore 96
47 Tony D’Alberto 84
48 William Brown 0
49 Ashley Walsh 0
50 Bryce Fullwood 0
51 Brodie Kostecki 0
52 Jake Kostecki 0

Teams’ championship Updated

Pos Car(s) Team/Sponsor(s) Pts
1 12 17 Shell V-Power Racing Team 5349
2 97 888 Red Bull Holden Racing Team 4926
3 5 55 The Bottle-O Racing Team & Supercheap Auto Racing 4269
4 6 23 Monster Energy Racing 3952
5 9 99 Penrite Racing 3941
6 8 24 Freightliner Alliance & 7-Eleven Mobil Racing 3478
7 2 22 Mobil 1 Racing 3260
8 7 15 Castrol Racing & Plus Fitness Racing 2958
9 33 34 Boost Mobile Racing 2614
10 3 78 Team Harvey Norman & Racing 2181
11 18 IRWIN Racing 1660
12 35 Bigmate Racing 1231
13 21 Team CoolDrive 1005
14 19 Truck Assist Tekno Racing 970

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