Speedcafe.com inks charity relationship with Motor Racing Ministries

Speedcafe.com owner Brett ‘Crusher’ Murray and Reverend Dr Garry Coleman

Speedcafe.com has announced a charity relationship with Motor Racing Ministries and parent body Sports Chaplaincy Australia as part of its continued mantra of ‘giving back’ to the wider motorsport community.

One of the key activities of this partnership will involve members of the industry and fans having the opportunity to advertise items for free on the recently revamped Speedcafe.com Classifieds website and having proceeds of those sales donated directly to Motor Racing Ministries.

There will also be a full-time information page located on Speedcafe.com with a link to make direct donations to the charity.

Motor Racing Ministries is headed by Reverend Dr Garry Coleman who was awarded an Order of Australia medal as part of the Queen’s Birthday Honours list in 2010.

The role and function of the motor sport chaplains goes unnoticed or recognised the majority of the time as they help guide drivers, teams, officials, volunteers, the public and families through many critical times when there are severe accidents or injury as a result of competition.

The chaplains also work with the motorsport community through a host of other activities including personal counselling, funerals, weddings, christenings or simply helping someone in the industry when they are down on their luck.

Since its inception in 1986, Motor Racing Ministries chaplains have attended more than 12,000 motorsport events in Australia across every one of the sport’s disciplines.

There are currently 50 serving MRM chaplains who receive no remuneration for their time and who willingly cover the majority of their own expenses in many instances.

Speedcafe.com will also work on regular promotions to highlight the work of the MRM network and boost fundraising activities, according to the site’s owner, Brett ‘Crusher’ Murray.

Garry Coleman

“There is no doubt that Speedcafe.com has become the daily go-to place for motorsport news and information, both in Australia and internationally,” said Coleman, OAM.

“As fans we all want the latest news, but Speedcafe.com has become more than that, especially at a time of hardship or crisis. The site has become a real voice keeping us up to date on things like medical conditions.

“‘Crusher’ and I have been friends for a long time and he has talked about ways he could help our organisation and this new partnership is enormous for us and will allow us to do so much more.

“Some of our chaplains are able to raise support from dedicated supporters who see chaplaincy as a missionary ministry in the true Biblical sense, but this new relationship will provide us with regular income which will allow us to support even more chaplains and help more in our motorsport community.”

Brett ‘Crusher’ Murray

“I have known Garry (Coleman) and many of his team for a long time and have seen firsthand the wonderful job they do,” said Murray.

“While the role of these volunteer chaplains usually goes unnoticed and without reward, the work they do is vital, especially in a time of crisis when emotions are at their highest.

“Motor Racing Ministries is not driven by structured religion, but this is supporting an incredible group of people who have a passion for our sport and, more importantly, the people within it.”

“Speedcafe.com Classifieds will provide a perfect platform for fans to turn some of their unwanted stuff into cash that can make a direct difference to people in need in the motorsport community.

“We have always seen Speedcafe.com as being a key portal for the motorsport industry on so many levels and this partnership with Motor Racing Ministries is a great extension of that.”

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