GT-1 field grows to 18 cars for AMRS Round 4

GT-1 Australia is set for an 18-car field at Wakefield Park pic: GT-1 Australia Facebook

The GT-1 Australia series is set to feature 18 cars during this weekend’s fourth round of the Australian Motor Racing Series (AMRS) at Wakefield Park.

The grid, which includes seven MARC cars, is the largest of the category’s inaugural season.

GT-1 leader Jake Camilleri will move into a MARC Gen I car after the MARC II which he had been campaigning was sold to Adam Hargraves, who is also set to start at the Goulburn circuit this weekend.

Rod Salmon’s participation will depend how he feels following Friday practice after a sizeable crash at Sydney Motorsport Park in early July, while his Audi has been repaired.

The Legend Cars series boasts a field of 24 cars, while the dozen Performax TA2 Muscle Car Series entries features front-runners Russell Wright, Hugh McAlister, and Ashley Jarvis, as well as the form man in Aaron Seton.

Also on the card are Stock Cars, Aussie Racing Utes, Outlaw V8s, and Group 4/Super 6 Touring Cars in a combined field; Formula Vee; RX8 Cup; Miniature Race Cars; and IROC Challenge.

Practice takes place on Friday before qualifying and racing on Saturday and Sunday (July 17-19).

Entry lists

Num Driver Car
Legend Cars
2 Josh Hourigan Legend Car Ford Sedan
4 Bryan Neal Legend Car Ford Sedan
9 Ben Jagger Legend Car Chev Coupe
11 Rick Christy Legend Car Ford Sedan
12 Jason Goulding Legend Car Chev Coupe
13 Grahame Fraser Legend Car Chev Coupe
14 Warrick Hessenberger Legend Car
19 Phill Biggerstaff Legend Car Ford Sedan
22 Stephen Chilby Legend Car Ford Sedan
23 Anthony Broers Legend Car Chev Sedan
39 Stuart Bond Legend Car Chev Coupe
47 Jim McCabe Legend Car
51 Brendan Hourigan Legend Car Chev Coupe
53 Nick Taylor Legend Car Ford Sedan
66 Brett Francis Legend Car Ford Coupe
68 Paul Opray Legend Car Ford Sedan
71 Dalton Rowell Legend Car Ford Coupe
73 David O’Hara Legend Car Ford Coupe
77 James Burge Legend Car Ford Coupe
79 Michael Hebditch Legend Car Chev Sedan
89 Brayden Willimington Legend Car Ford Sedan
111 Zane Morse Legend Car Ford Sedan
134 Ken Davis Legend Car Chev Coupe
181 Andrew Broers Legend Car Chev Sedan
Group 4 Touring Cars / Super Sixes / Outlaw V8s
6 Ian Chivas Ford Falcon XR6
9 Michael Rice Holden Commodore VT
11 Brendan O’Connor Ford Falcon AV XR6
18 Brent Edwards Ford Falcon XR6
62 Derek Hocking Holden Commodore VE
95 Glenn Postlethwaite Holden VY Commodore
Aussie Ute Series
2 Richard Mork Holden UTE VE
7 Bruce Oaklands Ford FG UTE
21 Clint Henderson Holden Commodore UTE
33 Denis Cribbin Ford UTE
88 Wayne Williams Holden UTE VE
Mazda RX8 Cup
2 Dani Cashion Mazda RX8
3 Simon Slade Mazda RX8
5 Brayden Slater Mazda RX8
6 Lachlan O’Hara Mazda RX8
9 William Harris Mazda RX8
11 Alex Cook Mazda RX8
12 Nick Dunkley Mazda RX8
22 Matthew Butters Mazda RX8
27 Terry Lewis Mazda RX8
35 Ric Shaw Mazda RX8
45 Will Cauchi Mazda RX8
55 Sam Silvestro Mazda RX8
69 Michael Dwyer Mazda RX8
80 Maisie Place Mazda RX8
85 Ben Silvestro Mazda RX8
88 Stephen McLaine Mazda RX8
91 Aaron Prosser Mazda RX8
96 Paul Grant-Mitchell Mazda RX8
Formula Vee
11 Garry Hook Formula Vee Sabre 02
15 Craig Hendrick Formula Vee Jacer F2 K9
19 Geoff Bassingthwaighte Formula Vee Thomsen FUT05
25 Thomas Charlton Formula Vee Gebert 2000
26 Paul Charlton Formula Vee Mako MK III
32 Greg Johnston Formula Vee Elfin NG
55 Wayne Hamilton Formula Vee Sabre 01
64 John McDonald Formula Vee Jacer F2K17
68 Dylan Thomas Formula Vee Stinger O15 ix
85 Geoff Bennett Formula Vee Jacer F2K4
86 William Pym Formula Vee Jacer F2K3
TA2 Performax Cup
4 Mark Crutchers Howe Camaro
5 Ian McAlister Howe Mustang
6 Hugh McAlister Howe Mustang
7 Michael Kulig Chevrolet Camaro
10 Peter Robinson Dodge Challenger
14 Cameron Sendall Camaro Gen 6
22 Ashley Jarvis Camaro TA2
44 Greg Willis Camaro TA2
55 Russell Wright Ford Mustang
88 Aaron Seton Ford Mustang
92 Scott Textor Howe Dodge
222 Chad Cotton TA2 Ford Mustang
Stock Cars And Extreme TT
1 Michael Coulter Chev Oztruck
7 Steve Coulter Chev Oztruck
16 Scott Nind Ford Mustang
19 Shane Harris Chev Monte Carlo
22 Trevor Crisp Dodge Charger
27 Zac O’Hara Chevrolet Monte Carlo
53 David Hender Pontiac Grand Prix
63 Brian Walden Pontiac Grand Prix
75 Graham Booth Chev Monte Carlo
IROC Challenge
1 Rohan Little Porsche 911 IROC
8 Greg Keene Porsche 911 IROC
9 Stan Adler Porsche 911 Classic
22 Terry Knight Porsche 911 IROC
90 Sven Burchartz Porsche 911 IROC
91 Lachlan Harburg Porsche Carrera 3.0
Miniature Race Cars
17 Shayne Smith Aussie Race Car Falcon AU
22 Garry Roberts Aussie Race Car Falcon AU
34 David Halls Aussie Race Car Holden Comm.
69 Peter Griffiths Aussie Race Car Nissan
71 Jase Collins Aussie Race Car Falcon AU
107 Kerry Hughes MRC US Legend Ford
179 Brad Lemon Aussie Race Car Holden Comm.
347 Craig McWhite MRC Future Busa
771 Stanley Foster MRC US Legend Coupe
GT-1 Australia
2 Adam Hargraves MARC
6 Rod Salmon Audi R8
12 Jamie Aratoon Ferrari 458
15 Lisa Montgomerie MARC
20 John Nikolovski Ferrari 458
22 Rick Mensa Porsche 911
23 Matt Stoupas Audi R8
26 Peter Boylan Porsche 911
33 Scott Hookey Ferrari 458
41 Geoff Morgan Porsche 911
55 Bradley Neal MARC
67 Jake Camilleri MARC
75 Steve McLaughlan Audi R8
88 Rio Nugara Audi R8
92 Jason Busk MARC
95 Geoff Taunton MARC
96 John Goodacre MARC
124 Garry Higgon Audi R8

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