Newcastle 500 street circuit takes shape

Tom Howard

Monday 14th August, 2017 - 12:26pm


Looking towards where the pit lane will be constructed at Wharf Road

The layout of the Newcastle street circuit is beginning to take shape as the construction process moves closer towards the final phase of the project.

The build of the 11 turn, 2.6km circuit remains on schedule as the New South Wales city gears up to host the inaugural Coates Hire Newcastle 500 Supercars season finale from November 24-26.

Work is currently being carried out at number of areas located around the track layout, which is being overseen by Newcastle City Council and track constructors iEDM.

This part of the project has been largely focussed on improving exiting utilities and infrastructure in the first sector of the track at Watt Street.

The work being carried out at Shortland Esplanade pic: Twitter Marquedmanoz

Preparations at Shortland Esplanade have continued while the final sector has undergone the biggest reconstruction.

The Camp Shortland hairpin has been laid which will see the cars tackle a tight left hander before a right hand sweep onto the pit straight on Wharf Road, where pit and paddock buildings will be built in October.

The hairpin section will be turfed over following the end of the event.

Newcastle 500 event manager Kurt Sakzewski says the construction of the $20 million facility is on course.

“We are right in the middle of the major works in terms of the council renewal works for the services in the area we were asked to take care of while upgrades are being undertaken on the roads,” Sakzewski told

“That is actually taking a lot of the time making sure the water and power services through the Newcastle are brought up to standard.

“In a couple of weeks that major works will have been completed and we will start moving into the phase of building the roads back up.

“We will also see large sections of the track having the kerbing reinstated and paving will follow after that.

“It is all moving on schedule which is great and the weather has been very kind to us after an initial bit of rain at the start.

Looking the opposite direction along the pit straight complex heading towards the Camp Shortland hairpin

“The contractors have made good progress as well and if everything keeps moving as it is, we will be finished with plenty of time.

“The hairpin hasn’t been too much of a challenge. Not having anything there meant we were starting with a clean sheet of paper.

“They have almost finished the new section and they will start working on the upgrade to the existing roadway down there.

“It is good to see that is all taking shape.”

Reports have indicated that there remains a pocket of unrest amongst residents in the East End with anti-Supercars graffiti emerging at construction sites.

Sakzewski says Supercars is continuing to address concerns.

“Overall, the large majority of Newcastle citizens are very excited about the event,” he added.

“The polls in the local newspaper have backed that up.

“There are still some people in the east that are not as happy about it and we are dealing with their concerns on a daily basis.”

Earlier this month organisers confirmed the design of the trophy to be awarded to race winners.

A map of the Newcastle 500 circuit