New race format, class structure for RXAus

Friday 2nd June, 2017 - 11:41am



The new RXAus rallycross series will introduce a new round format and simplified class structure from Round 3 in Stanthorpe.

Cars will now be classified as all-wheel drive, two-wheel drive, or 2WD Excel Cup, as part of changes introduced following competitor feedback after the first two rounds in Marulan in February and May.

Under the new format, each class will be split into Groups A, B, and C, based on practice times, meaning that each driver will be racing against similarly competitive rivals during the heat races.

There will then be three, four-lap heat races and a six-lap semi-final for each group, with results of the latter setting the grid for the eight-car Super Final.

The Super Final will be contested by the top four semi-finalists from Group A and top two from each of Groups B and C.

Points will be awarded to the top four of each group during heats and semi-finals, with all eight finalists receiving championship points.

The format will be the same for each class.

“We’ve learned a lot from the first two rounds of RXAus and in talking to our competitors,” said RXAus director Justin Dowell.

“The new format is designed to add to the bang-for-buck for competitors and allow them to race with cars of a similar performance level throughout the day.

“As our grids grow we now have the capability to run three grids for each class, with each grid determined on performance in practice.

“This means we will see closer racing between cars of a similar performance level in each of the AWD, 2WD and Excel Cup classes.

Round 3 will be held at Carnell Raceway in Stanthorpe, Queensland on June 10.

New format

Practice – 10 minutes

Qualifying – 10 minutes per Group A, B, C

Heat races – 3 x 4-lap heats for each of Group A, B, C

1 x 6-lap race for Group A – top 4 to Super Final
1 x 6-lap race for Group B – top 2 to Super Final
1 x 6-lap race for Group C – top 2 to Super Final

Super Final – 1 x 6-lap race