Team SRM preparing for possible BMW M4 GT4 tilt

Tom Howard

Wednesday 31st May, 2017 - 4:30pm


BMW Motorsport ran its new BMW M4 GT4 at the Nurburgring 24 Hours

BMW Team SRM has begun preparations for a possible GT4 program next year following the official sales launch of the M4 GT4 race car at the Nurburgring 24 Hours.

The Melbourne squad is keen to add the growing GT class to its two-car factory supported BMW M6 GT3 program next year.

GT4 is currently enjoying a boom in Europe with BMW joining a string of manufacturers including Audi, Aston Martin, McLaren, Mercedes, Porsche, KTM and Ford all constructing race cars for the class.

The M4 GT4, based around the road going production sedan, is powered by a three litre, six cylinder engine, producing more than 300kW of power and is significantly slower and cheaper than GT3 machines.

It is expected an example of the machine will arrive in Australia before the end of the year for prospective customers.

Although yet to attract customers in Australia, BMW Team SRM boss Steven Richards says his squad is already mentally preparing itself to be in a position to run the M4 GT4 for customers.

The car made its debut at the Dubai 24 Hours in January ahead of a maiden tilt at the Nurburgring 24 Hours last weekend.

“We have known about the M4 for quite a while now and we have been mentally resourcing for that opportunity,” Richards told

“We see ourselves as a team that can help people who want to buy these cars.

“They are great cars because they can run 24 hour, 12 hour and sprint races and the running costs are incredibly low.

“I think it is everyone’s intention to have a car out here well before 2018, so that people can see it, sample it and get an idea of what it is all about.

“Having been over to (Europe) to see the M4, it is a little race car, while it has road car components, it is a great race car.”

Currently GT4 cars are only eligible to race in the Australian GT Trophy Series, although it is hoped the class will be merged into the Australian GT Championship next year.

Richards believes a tilt at the 2018 Bathurst 12 Hour would be the ideal way to launch the car subject to homologation and customer’s preferences.

“If there is a possibility that the car can be homologated before 2018, absolutely it would be great to launch there,” he added.

“We want to run cars there but it is a case of who buys the cars and then what the customer wants to do.”