Dumbrell victorious in Dunlop Super2 Series

Friday 3rd March, 2017 - 5:49pm


Paul Dumbrell

Paul Dumbrell turned his pole position into a solid victory in race one of the Dunlop Super2 Series at the Clipsal 500, crossing the finish line 5.2 seconds ahead of Todd Hazelwood.

Jack Le Brocq, Macauley Jones and Shae Davies rounded out the top five, ahead of Richard Muscat, Andrew Jones and Bryce Fullwood – who came from the rear of the grid to finish eighth after challenging for seventh in an older-spec car.

Jack Perkins was ninth while Will Brown rounded out the top ten on debut, with reigning champion Garry Jacobson enduring a difficult race to finish in 11th position.

Jacobson’s race was marred not only by apparent mechanical issues, especially in the final stages of the race, but also by a number of instances of contact during battles for position with, amongst others, Andrew Jones – including on lap 17 when Jones contacted the back of Jacobson, leaving Fullwood to narrowly avoid while Jacobson worked hard to recover control and rejoin the race.

A number of cars were forced to the pits for help with loose bodywork across the 19 lap race, including Nathan Morcom, Kurt Kostecki and Anton de Pasquale – who arguably holds the rights to the biggest heartbreak of the race.

de Pasquale was running in second position early and looking very fast before contact with the wall saw him forced to the pit lane with his rear wing hanging off the car at the end of lap seven. He would not return to the race.

“I am not sure what happened, maybe I was a bit offline, maybe going a bit quick, I don’t know, but I hit the wall and dragged the whole wing off,” de Pasquale said.

“It was probably a bit of a ‘bad spot, bad time’ kind of thing. Before that it was really good, we were sort of matching PD up front and holding off the guys behind so we were pretty happy.

“I am not sure what went wrong but I think I must have just hit it in the worst possible spot – so a bit of bad luck maybe but ultimately probably my fault too.”

The Dunlop Super2 Series returns to the track tomorrow at 11:15 for its second race of the weekend, before Sunday hosts its third and final race of the weekend at 11:25.

Results: Race 1, Round 1, Adelaide

1 Eggleston Motorsport Paul Dumbrell Holden Commodore VF 19 26:30.4703
2 Bigmate Racing Todd Hazelwood Holden Commodore VF 19 26:35.6952
3 GoGetta Racing/ MWM Jack Le Brocq Nissan Altima 19 26:36.7400
4 PAYCE Macauley Jones Holden Commodore VF 19 26:42.7422
5 LOCO Energy Drink / MWM Shae Davies Nissan Altima 19 26:52.2183
6 Wilson Security PAYCE GRM Richard Muscat Holden Commodore VF 19 26:57.7210
7 Alliance Truck Parts Andrew Jones Holden Commodore VF 19 27:00.1827
8 Middys Electrical / MWM Bryce Fullwood Ford Falcon FG 19 27:00.6333
9 Dragon Motor Racing Jack Perkins Holden Commodore VF 19 27:02.0846
10 Eggleston Motorsport William Brown Holden Commodore VF 19 27:02.7657
11 McQuinn Electrical Garry Jacobson Ford Falcon FG/X 19 27:08.8728
12 Falcon Spares & Repairs Matthew Chahda Holden Commodore VF 19 27:09.6470
13 Wilson Security PAYCE GRM Mason Barbera Holden Commodore VF 19 27:11.1933
14 Team Caltex Renee Gracie Holden Commodore VF 19 27:19.0395
15 SCT Logistics Jack Smith Holden Commodore VF 19 27:21.5579
16 Eggleston Motorsport Nathan Morcom Holden Commodore VF 19 27:22.4187
17 Arcoplate Racing Kurt Kostecki Holden Commodore VF 19 27:31.5193
18 Auto One Racing Adam Marjoram Holden Commodore VF 19 27:42.1421
19 STR Truck Bodies & Trailers Matthew Palmer Ford Falcon FG 18 26:44.2172
20 Wynns Josh Kean Ford Falcon FG/X 15 27:14.0381
DNF Arcoplate Racing Jake Kostecki Holden Commodore VF 16 28:56.5747
DNF Paul Morris Motorsports Anton de Pasquale Ford Falcon FG/X  7 28:17.1207