POLL: The HRT brand name

Gordon Lomas

Monday 16th January, 2017 - 2:00pm


As the first of the Supercars team launches are about to commence, one of the biggest corporate upheavals will be front and centre of proceedings.

Holden is making a big song and dance about its new full factory team, the Red Bull Holden Racing Team.

Since announcing that Triple Eight would inherit the HRT brand name and have the rights to build the Commodore replacement for Supercars’ Gen 2 era, there remains ripples of unrest within the rank and file.

The decision by Holden to reef its factory backing and most valuable logo, HRT, from Walkinshaw’s custody after an almost three-decade span was a seismic shift.

For thousands of followers, the HRT brand name is as sacred as it gets.

As it stands, there remains divisions and rifts within die-hard punters following the bombshell move.

The Triple Eight team have been for more than a decade the silvertails of the sport, with an overriding dominance unprecedented in Australian touring car history.

Now it has the keys to Holden’s competitive kingdom lock, stock and barrel.

The question is, should Holden have transferred the HRT entity from Clayton to Brisbane or should the name have been honourably retired?

On a performance basis, few could argue that Holden made the right call in shifting all of its focus to Triple Eight.

Emotionally, though, no matter which way it is carved up, a good amount of passionate fans could not see the rationale in allowing the HRT brand to shift.

Therefore this week’s poll asks how Holden should have handled the HRT brand situation?

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