Walkinshaw Porsche set for Challenge Bathurst run

Walkinshaw Racing will be in action at Challenge Bathurst

Walkinshaw Racing will be in action at Challenge Bathurst

Walkinshaw Racing is the latest high profile team to commit to the new Challenge Bathurst sprint event later this month.

The Melbourne operation will field its Porsche 911 GT3-R at the November 24-27 meeting which is set to welcome several GT3 teams looking to enhance their preparations for February’s Bathurst 12 Hour.

Maranello Motorsport, Miedecke Stone Racing, Steven Richards Motorsport and MARC GT will be among the teams taking part in a series of 20 minute timed sessions at the 6.2km circuit.

More than 320 cars have been confirmed to take part in the inaugural event.

Challenge Bathurst will offer Walkinshaw Racing valuable data given the latest Porsche 911 GT3-R will be making its Bathurst 12 Hour debut next year.

“The car hasn’t been there (at Mount Panorama) before so that is why it is important to do that test,” Walkinshaw boss Adrian Burgess told Speedcafe.com.

“We will learn a lot and which ever drivers we field will get some good mileage.

“At this point in time I don’t think the balance of performance (BOP) plays in our favour at that circuit, so we have got to go there understand what we can do, to ensure we can do the best job possible.

“I think the Porsche will have a different BOP at Sepang and Macau. We haven’t been granted that but hopefully we get that by the time we are racing there.”

Burgess remained tight lipped on who will pilot the car, but admitted the squad will know its Bathurst 12 Hour driver-line up prior to Challenge Bathurst.

The squad has fielded experienced sportscar driver John Martin and Carrera Cup regular Duvashen Padayachee in the Australian GT Endurance Championship this year and has recently evaluated rising GT star Liam Talbot.

Talbot has been named on the entry list to pilot the car at the Challenge Bathurst event.

Burgess did however confirm the operation is looking at ‘experienced’ pilots with the roster to be finalised once the squad decides whether to enter the Professional or Pro-Am class.

“We are pretty close (in securing our driver-line up). We are just ticking a few boxes,” he added.

“They are good experienced drivers and the decision of what class we enter will decide the drivers.”

Walkinshaw Racing remains keen to expand its GT program on top of the solitary 911 GT3-R it secured for this season.

Burgess says the operation may have an option to acquire two more cars before the end of the year.

“There is a couple of cars available,” he added.

“The manufacturer is sending out a couple of cars for Sepang and Macau and we might keep one or two of those, but it is very fluid at the moment.

“We would like to run more but if it doesn’t work out then we will continue with what we have got, but if we can add another car then that would be great.”

Walkinshaw Racing scored its second consecutive Australian Endurance Championship podium finish with a second at the Hampton Downs 101 last Sunday.

Challenge Bathurst Entry List

Lightning Sprint (for experienced and elite competitors)

Group A

No Sponsor/Competitor Driver Make/Model Class State
4 Warwick Morris Warwick Morris Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 FC NSW
7 Christopher Perini Christopher Perini Radical SR8 JB NSW
10 Anthony Moss Anthony Moss Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X GA VIC
12 Lee Falkner Lee Falkner Datsun 260Z FB NSW
13 Tim Piper Tim Piper Datsun 240Z FB SA
14 Nicholas Bates Nicholas Bates Toyota 86 GT HA ACT
15 Robert Knight Robert Knight Radical SR3 JA QLD
16 Barrie Smith Barrie Smith Audi TTRS HC NSW
20 Carey McMahon Carey McMahon Ford Sierra RS500 HC NSW
21 Shane Barwood Shane Barwood Radical SR3 JA VIC
23 Craig Wehner Craig Wehner Holden Commodore VT GTS HC VIC
25 Bradley Wimpenny Bradley Wimpenny Ford Falcon AU XR8 HC QLD
28 Andrew Goulsbra Andrew Goulsbra Porsche 911 Cup Car BA VIC
29 Darren Kurzok Darren Kurzok Radical SR3 JA QLD
30 Jason Stables Jason Stables Renault Clio Cup HA VIC
34 John Morriss John Morriss Radical SR3 JA VIC
35 Miles Tauber Miles Tauber Nissan R35 GTR FB NSW
37 Rodney Tyson Rodney Tyson BMW E30 HB QLD
38 Martin Duursma Martin Duursma Lotus Exige GB NSW
39 Bradley Neilson Bradley Neilson Radical SR3 JA NSW
45 David Godber David Godber Mercedes Benz AMG A45 AA NSW
48 Philip Heafey Philip Heafey Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VI HB NSW
52 Tony Virag Tony Virag Holden SSV Redline IC NSW
53 Simon Meade Simon Meade Radical SR3 JA VIC
54 Allan Black Allan Black Radical SR3 JA NSW
55 Matthew Veal Matthew Veal Volvo 242 GT HB ACT
60 Jed Wallis Jed Wallis Porsche 911 Cup Car FB SA
68 Kim Burke Kim Burke Radical SR3 JA NSW
75 Matthew McLellan Matthew McLellan Radical SR8 JB NSW
86 Robert Oshlak Robert Oshlak Toyota 86 GT GA QLD
87 Paul Dortkamp Paul Dortkamp Porsche Cayman FB NSW
90 Steven Bonner Steven Bonner Holden HSV Clubsport HC VIC
95 Sally-Anne Hains Sally-Anne Hains Porsche 997 Turbo FB VIC
114 John Graham John Graham Nissan S14 GA QLD
127 Willem Fercher Willem Fercher Holden Commodore VL IC NSW
133 Phillip Ryan Phillip Ryan Nissan 280ZX HC NSW
134 Drew Hall Drew Hall Nissan R34 GTR FC NSW
168 Tim Wolfe Tim Wolfe Porsche 968 CS AA WA
335 Vincent Muriti Vincent Muriti Porsche 911 Cup Car FB NSW
911 Campbell Walker Campbell Walker Porsche 911 Cup Car GB VIC

Group B

No Sponsor/Competitor Driver Make/Model Class State
1 Garth Walden Garth Walden Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX K NSW
2 Greg Woodrow Greg Woodrow Porsche 911 Cup Car FB VIC
4 Stephen Grove Stephen Grove Porsche 911 Cup Car FB VIC
7 Christopher Thomson Christopher Thomson Nissan GTR FB VIC
8 Danny Ciarma Danny Ciarma Ferrari 430 GTS FC VIC
9 Jaxon Evans Jaxon Evans Porsche 997 Cup Car FB QLD
11 Neil Brookes Neil Brookes Holden HSV Clubsport K VIC
12 Dean Grant Dean Grant Porsche 911 Cup Car FB VIC
15 Garry Hobson Garry Hobson Porsche 996 GT3 FB NSW
18 Warren Millett Warren Millett Holden Commodore VZ HC NSW
19 Mark Griffith Mark Griffith Mercedes Benz GTS-GT3 FC QLD
22 Richard Mensa Richard Mensa Porsche 911 Cup Car FB VIC
27 Andrea Lattorre Andrea Lattorre Ferrari 430 GTS FC VIC
30 Chad Parrish Chad Parrish Lotus Elise FA VIC
33 Scott Hookey Scott Hookey Ferrari F458 FC QLD
39 Jeffrey Morton Jeffrey Morton Lotus Elise FA NSW
40 Tim Miles Tim Miles Porsche 997 Cup Car F NSW
47 Richard Perini Richard Perini Porsche RSR FB NSW
49 Antonio DeFelice Antonio DeFelice Ferrari 488GT3 FC VIC
54 Anthony Alford Anthony Alford MARC Focus V8 FC QLD
60 Adam Wallis Adam Wallis Porsche 911 Cup Car FB SA
77 Anthony Longhurst Anthony Longhurst BMW M6 GT3 FC VIC
80 Justin Miller Justin Miller Toyota Supra K SA
88 Peter Edwards Peter Edwards Ferrari 488 GTS FC VIC
90 Morgan Haber Morgan Haber BMW M6 GT3 FB QLD
92 Hadrian Morrall Hadrian Morrall MARC Focus V8 FC QLD
94 Keith Kassulke Keith Kassulke MARC Mazda V8 FC QLD
95 Geoff Taunton Geoff Taunton MARC Focus V8 FC QLD
96 John Goodacre John Goodacre MARC Focus V8 FC QLD
98 Greg Muller Greg Muller Porsche 997 Cup Car FB VIC
100 Steven Richards Steven Richards BMW M6 GT3 FC VIC
110 Christopher Gough Christopher Gough BMW M Roadster GB NSW
113 Samer Shahin Samer Shahin Porsche 997 Cup Car FB SA
123 Brenton Grove Brenton Grove Porsche 911 Cup Car FB VIC
147 Wayne Mack Wayne Mack Ferrari 458 GT3 FC VIC
154 James Abela James Abela Porsche 991 Cup Car FB NSW
195 Andrew Miedecke Andrew Miedecke Aston Martin Vantage GT3 FC NSW
777 Yasser Shahin Yasser Shahin Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 FC SA
888 Matthew Rockman Matthew Rockman Porsche 911 Cup Car FB VIC
911 Walkinshaw GT3 Liam Talbot Porsche 911 Cup Car FB QLD

Group C

No Sponsor/Competitor Driver Make/Model Class State
5 Mark Moreland Mark Moreland Porsche GT4 AA NSW
6 Adam Dodd Adam Dodd Mazda 6 MPS IB NSW
9 David Crowe David Crowe Toyota 86 GT IA NSW
13 Lisa Montgomerie Lisa Montgomerie Mazda MX5 GA QLD
18 Graeme Muir Graeme Muir Holden Commodore VE GTS IC NSW
20 Conrad Dorrough Conrad Dorrough Ford Focus RS AA QLD
21 Andrew Richmond Andrew Richmond Porsche Cayman GT4 AA VIC
25 Brian Anderson Brian Anderson BMW M3 E36 IB NSW
27 David Tinworth David Tinworth Nissan GTR R35 AB VIC
28 Robert Maher Robert Maher Holden HSV VE BA NSW
32 Roger Arnold Roger Arnold Nissan GTR R32 AB NSW
33 Vince Oppedisano Vince Oppedisano Ford Falcon AU XR8 BA VIC
34 Keith Short Keith Short Toyota KE 30 Corolla IB SA
35 Stephen Short Stephen Short Mazda RX7 IB SA
36 Robert Kolimackovski Robert Kolimackovski Porsche 911 Cup Car AA NSW
43 Reg Johnston Reg Johnston McLaren 650s AA NSW
44 Mark Telfer Mark Telfer Porsche GT4 AA VIC
47 Richard Davis Richard Davis Porsche 911 Cup Car BA NSW
49 Leslie Smith Leslie Smith Renault Clio Cup IA VIC
52 Joe Krinelos Joe Krinelos Holden SSV Redline IC NSW
65 Andrew Hibbard Andrew Hibbard Porsche 981 Cayman S AA NSW
69 Nigel Olsen Nigel Olsen Ford Falcon BA XR6 T BA NSW
71 Sebastian Lip Sebastian Lip Porsche 991 GT3 RS AA SA
73 Steven Lee-Jones Steven Lee-Jones Mazda FD RX7 BA QLD
78 Sam Markov Sam Markov BMW M3 HB VIC
79 Matthew Lowth Matthew Lowth Lotus Exige AA VIC
88 Bruce Hibbard Bruce Hibbard Porsche 981 GTS AA NSW
92 Hadrian Morrall Hadrian Morrall Subaru WRX IB NSW
94 Craig Donnell Craig Donnell Holden HSV Clubsport BA ACT
95 Brian Needs Brian Needs Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX BB NSW
111 Aaron Giltrow Aaron Giltrow Volkswagen Scirocco IA NSW
132 Justin Kinchington Justin Kinchington Nissan R34 GTR BB QLD
157 Edwin Kreamer Edwin Kreamer Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X IA NSW
222 David Godber David Godber Porsche GT2 BA NSW
333 Con Zeritis Con Zeritis BMW M3 E36 IB NSW
480 Anthony McDermott Anthony McDermott Holden Commodore VL BA NSW
777 Yasser Shahin Yasser Shahin Porsche 911 GT3 FB SA
964 Blaise Paris Blaise Paris Porsche 964 RSR Replica BA WA
977 Kim Burke Kim Burke Porsche 911 Cup Car IB NSW
981 Timothy Hendy Timothy Hendy Porsche GT4 AA QLD

Thunder Regularity

Group A

No Sponsor/Competitor Driver Make/Model State
6 Mark Croudace Mark Croudace Porsche 911 GT3 NSW
8 Nicholas Ashwin Nicholas Ashwin Mitsubishi Lancer EVO V QLD
12 Clayton Shipp Clayton Shipp BMW 325i E30 NSW
13 Damien Hart Damien Hart Mitsubishi Lancer EVO NSW
14 Terry Mayfield Terry Mayfield Holden HQ NSW
19 Cris Johansen Cris Johansen Lotus Elise-111R VIC
20 William Jordan William Jordan Volkswagen Golf R QLD
22 Jason Hart Jason Hart Holden Commodore VE ACT
23 Warwick Morris Warwick Morris Porsche 996 NSW
30 Jason Stables Jason Stables Renault Clio Cup VIC
31 Andrew Collins Andrew Collins Nissan R31 Skyline VIC
41 Cameron McKee Cameron McKee Ford Falcon XR6 VIC
42 Leslie Bone Leslie Bone Haynes Scharel Clubman VIC
43 Andrew Raymond Andrew Raymond PRB Birkin S3 2004 NSW
47 Richard Perini Richard Perini Porsche GT3 RS NSW
50 Len Cattlin Len Cattlin Ford Mustang Gastback VIC
55 Matthew Veal Matthew Veal Volvo 242GT ACT
62 David Petrikas David Petrikas BMW M3 NSW
69 Nigel Olsen Nigel Olsen Ford Falcom BA XR6T NSW
73 Aldous Mitchell Aldous Mitchell Porsche Spyder NSW
76 Tyson Aldenhoven Tyson Aldenhoven Toyota 86 VIC
78 Andy Harris Andy Harris Mazda MX5 NSW
81 Daryl Head Daryl Head Porsche GT3 NSW
86 Jonathan Lawson Jonathan Lawson Subaru V5 GC8 VIC
88 Brian Bugh Brian Bugh Chevrolet Corvette 206 NSW
92 Guy Lavoipierre Guy Lavoipierre Porsche Cayman S VIC
93 Craig Ferdinands Craig Ferdinands Audi RS5 VIC
95 Brian Needs Brian Needs Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX NSW
96 Bruce Atlee Bruce Atlee Holden Commodore VY NSW
97 Alastair Dow Alastair Dow Puma Clubman SA
113 Matthew Greenwood Matthew Greenwood BMW 135i NSW
116 Jamie Lovett Jamie Lovett Porsche 997 Cup Car VIC
121 Neville Zarafetas Neville Zarafetas Porsche Cayman 987 NSW
123 Phillip Moore Phillip Moore Ford GT40 WA
131 Michael O’Dowd Michael O’Dowd Porsche 911 GT3 NSW
198 Ryan Gardner Ryan Gardner BMW E36 M3 VIC
216 Stuart Pennells Stuart Pennells Porsche 911 GT3 NSW
222 James Bullock James Bullock Porsche 911 GT3 NSW
286 Victor Watts Victor Watts Porsche 968 CS NSW
302 Philip Walters Philip Walters Ford Capri Perana VIC
331 Peter Carruthers Peter Carruthers Nissan Skyline NSW
410 Robert Viner Robert Viner Mazda MX5 NSW
427 Alexander Chambers Alexander Chambers Holden HSV R8 QLD
620 Steven Greenhill Steven Greenhill Holden VZ SS UTE NSW
787 Kym Ninnes Kym Ninnes Fidini Clubman SA
976 Kevin Hall Kevin Hall Subaru 2005 Sti NSW

Group B

No Sponsor/Competitor Driver Make/Model State
2 Terry Sproston Terry Sproston Datsun GTiR QLD
7 Gary Neut Gary Neut Mazda RX7 Turbo Rotary QLD
8 David Gainer David Gainer Audi RS3 QLD
9 Douglas Stuart Douglas Stuart Porsche 944 QLD
16 Peter Campbell Peter Campbell Datsun 240Z QLD
21 Richard Greenup Richard Greenup Datsun 280ZX QLD
23 Philip Mitchell Philip Mitchell Datsun 260Z ACT
26 Peter Harrold Peter Harrold Datsun 280ZX WA
28 Gordon Lennox Gordon Lennox Datsun 240Z NSW
31 Geoff Vardon Geoff Vardon Datsun 1200 Coupe SA
35 Warwick Douglas Warwick Douglas BMW E30 QLD
36 Richard Graham Richard Graham Datsun 260Z QLD
40 David Healy David Healy Datsun 260Z QLD
48 Christopher Price Christopher Price Datsun 240Z QLD
53 David Wilson David Wilson Datsun 1600 NSW
54 Gerard Henderson Gerard Henderson Datsun 2000 sports QLD
60 Brian Henderson Brian Henderson Nissan Gazelle QLD
73 Stephen Pryor Stephen Pryor Datsun 240Z NSW
75 Greg Hutley Greg Hutley Datsun 240Z QLD
82 Laurie Burton Laurie Burton Datsun 260Z ACT
83 Peter Hall Peter Hall Datsun 260Z WA
95 Daniel Burton Daniel Burton Honda 52000 ACT
98 Christopher Bothams Christopher Bothams Datsun 260Z WA
151 Rebecca Grasso Rebecca Grasso Datsun 240Z NSW
176 Malcolm Douglas Malcolm Douglas BMW E30 QLD
180 Russell West Russell West Nissan R31 Skyline NSW
212 Christopher Mackertich Christopher Mackertich Datsun 260Z NSW
213 Roger Lomman Roger Lomman Datsun 240Z SA
230 Mark Avramovic Mark Avramovic Datsun 240Z NSW
240 David Robertson David Robertson Datsun 240Z QLD
280 Troy Young Troy Young Datsun 280Z QLD
500 Edward Geist Edward Geist Datsun 240Z VIC
550 David Cramp David Cramp BMW 325i E30 QLD
551 Dorothy Harlor Dorothy Harlor Datsun 260Z NSW
703 Donald Dixon Donald Dixon Ford Falcon XA GT NSW
911 Judd Smith Judd Smith Datsun 260Z NSW

Group C

No Sponsor/Competitor Driver Make/Model State
4 Andrew Camilleri Andrew Camilleri Mitsubishi Lancer EVO VII NSW
7 Richard Mork Richard Mork Honda Integra NSW
8 Michael McMillan Michael McMillan Mitsubishi Lancer EVO V QLD
9 Nicholas Strange Nicholas Strange Mitsubishi Lancer EVO IX NSW
10 Adam Naccarata Adam Naccarata Subaru WRX Sti Spec VIC
11 John Morrow John Morrow Porsche GT3 WA
13 David Stewart David Stewart Holden Maloo Ute QLD
17 Dean Pike Dean Pike Porsche GT3 WA
29 Brendan Smith Brendan Smith Nissan 180SX SA
30 Andreas Veryinis Andreas Veryinis Holden Commodore NSW
33 Alexander Bland Alexander Bland BMW M3 NSW
41 John Ford John Ford Nissan Skyline NSW
47 Malcolm Pollard Malcolm Pollard Holden Commodore VX NSW
49 Leslie Smith Leslie Smith Renault Crio Cup VIC
51 Andrew Watts Andrew Watts BMW E36 325 NSW
54 Scott Crimp Scott Crimp Mitsubishi Falcon EVO X VIC
55 Glyn Crimp Glyn Crimp Audi TTRS 8J VIC
56 Anthony Alford Anthony Alford Nissan R32GTR VIC
57 Andrew Monks Andrew Monks Holden HSV GTS VIC
67 Robert Williams Robert Williams BMW E30 328i Coupe NSW
70 Gerard Skelly Gerard Skelly BMW E30 NSW
77 Colin Robinson Colin Robinson Holden Torana NSW
78 Paul Royal Paul Royal Nissan S15 NSW
84 Chris Kingsland Chris Kingsland BMW E36/37 M Roadster NSW
89 Rod Moynahan Rod Moynahan Holden HQ NSW
91 Michael Coorey Michael Coorey Porsche 911 Carrera S NSW
94 David Shaw David Shaw Ford Flacon EB VR6 VIC
100 Charles Brown Charles Brown Subaru WRX VIC
114 Michael Irwin Michael Irwin Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV NSW
186 Anthony King Anthony King Mazda MX5 NSW
195 Graham Smith Graham Smith Holden HQ NSW
199 Guy Coles Guy Coles Mazda MX5 NSW
217 Ross Betts Ross Betts Porsche 981 Spyder NSW
281 Bradley Moody Bradley Moody Alfa Romeo GTV6 NSW
370 Keith Flanagan Keith Flanagan Nissan 370Z VIC
471 Warren Hotz Warren Hotz Mazda MX5 NSW
905 Bruce Garvie Bruce Garvie Nissan R35 GTR QLD
990 Maxwell Williams Maxwell Williams Audi TTRS 8J ACT

Group D

No Sponsor/Competitor Driver Make/Model State
3 Glenn Thomas Glenn Thomas Mazda MX5 NSW
6 Brad Douglass Brad Douglass Porsche 987 Cayman S NSW
7 Allan Cameron Allan Cameron Triumph TR7 NSW
8 Roger Dickson Roger Dickson Ford Falcon XW WA
10 Steven Woods Steven Woods Renault Megane RS275R NSW
11 John Marwick John Marwick Nissan Pulsar NSW
12 Timothy Burt Timothy Burt Nissan Skyline R34 GTT NSW
15 Noel Cuttiford Noel Cuttiford Mercedes E5S NSW
17 Jason Wright Jason Wright Nissan Skyline GTR R34 NSW
20 William Jordan William Jordan Volkswagen Golf R QLD
21 Paul Plank Paul Plank Porsche 996 Turbo VIC
24 Gerard Knapp Gerard Knapp Alfa Romeo GT NSW
27 Stephen Gorman Stephen Gorman BMW 325i E30 VIC
28 Emily Duggan Emily Duggan Hyundai Excel NSW
29 John Patrikios John Patrikios Nissan GTR VIC
39 Paul Timmins Paul Timmins Holden Commodore NSW
40 Ashoke Banerjee Ashoke Banerjee Lotus Elise NSW
43 James Dover James Dover Birkin Clubman S3 SA
54 John Finch John Finch Mazda MX5 NSW
56 David Ellis David Ellis Holden Torana GTR NSW
58 Peter Gluskie Peter Gluskie BMW E30 VIC
61 Gregory Bunn Gregory Bunn Mazda MX5 NSW
63 Rodney Esdaile Rodney Esdaile Mazda MX5 NSW
69 Brendan Chaston Brendan Chaston Aston Martin Vintage NSW
78 John Wilson John Wilson Nissan R32GTR NSW
87 Gene Phillips Gene Phillips Holden HSV GTS NSW
88 Rowan Ross Rowan Ross Porsche GT3 NSW
90 Tim Sullivan Tim Sullivan MG BGT V8 NSW
91 Phillip Hoad Phillip Hoad Holden GTR XU-1 NSW
98 Darren Freeman Darren Freeman Birkin S3 NSW
99 John Turner John Turner Porsche Carrera 2 WA
117 Stephen Dalziel Stephen Dalziel Holden Torana NSW
141 Thomas Williams Thomas Williams Mazda MX5 NSW
176 Anthony Parle Anthony Parle Subaru SVX NSW
213 Anne Bainbridge Anne Bainbridge Datsun 240Z SA
219 Michael Whiteman Michael Whiteman Holden Monaro NSW
303 Michael Walter Michael Walter BMW M3 E36 NSW
555 Christopher Starr Christopher Starr BMW 328i VIC
711 Lawrence Movigliatti Lawrence Movigliatti Chrysler Galant NSW
977 Rodney Gordon Rodney Gordon Porsche 944S2 VIC

Group E

No Sponsor/Competitor Driver Make/Model State
5 Salvatore Bonaccorso Salvatore Bonaccorso Holden Commodore NSW
6 Adam Dodd Adam Dodd Mazda 6 MPS NSW
10 Lisandro Fagnano Lisandro Fagnano Mitsubishi Lancer EVO NSW
13 Lisa Montgomerie Lisa Montgomerie Mazda MX5 QLD
20 Conrad Dorrough Conrad Dorrough Ford Focus RS QLD
23 Brett Sutherland Brett Sutherland Ford Falcon XR8 NSW
25 Adrian Wilson Adrian Wilson BMW M4 NSW
27 Peter Ireland Peter Ireland Lotus Elise NSW
29 Tristan Smith Tristan Smith Nissan 180SX SA
32 Stephen Wan Stephen Wan Mitsubishi EVO IX NSW
33 David Hughes David Hughes Mercedes GTS NSW
34 Mathew Wootten Mathew Wootten Nissan R34 Skyline NSW
37 Ron Meek Ron Meek Nissan 180SX NSW
38 James Stephen James Stephen Ford Falcon XR GT VIC
44 Raymond Estreich Raymond Estreich Mazda MX5 NSW
50 Philip Ashton Philip Ashton Mazda MX5 NSW
52 Jamie Martin Jamie Martin Mazda MX5 NSW
59 David Reynolds David Reynolds Nissan Skyline GTR R33 NSW
64 John Hatton John Hatton Holden EH 1963 NSW
68 Daren Curry Daren Curry Mercedes A45 NSW
69 Landon Curry Landon Curry Holden HSV R8 NSW
71 Mark Tracey Mark Tracey BMW E36 NSW
73 Steven Lee-Jones Steven Lee-Jones Mazda RX7 FD QLD
74 Nathan Wright Nathan Wright Porsche Cayman S NSW
77 David McCowen David McCowen Renault Megane NSW
80 Gregg Noonan Gregg Noonan Mazda MX5 NSW
81 Noshin Buksh Noshin Buksh Mitsubishi Lancer EVO V NSW
85 George Appleby George Appleby Holden Torana LX NSW
86 Robert Oshlack Robert Oshlack Toyota 86 GT QLD
87 James Leven James Leven Holden HSV GTS NSW
99 David Pennells David Pennells Porsche Clubsport GT3 NSW
111 Mark Tobin Mark Tobin Mazda RX7 NSW
114 John Graham John Graham Nissan S14 QLD
126 Michael Kelsey Michael Kelsey Mazda MX5-SE NSW
160 Mark McMillan Mark McMillan Holden Commodore ACT
167 Peter Battisson Peter Battisson Mazda MX5 ACT
191 Howard Laughton Howard Laughton Porsche 997 GTS NSW
223 Stewart Temesvary Stewart Temesvary Mazda MX5 NSW
232 Peter Byrnes Peter Byrnes BMW E36 NSW
271 Graeme Trembath Graeme Trembath Ford Falcon XR8 VIC
307 Dana Byrnes Dana Byrnes Toyota Supra NSW
350 Anthony Patterson Anthony Patterson Holden HSV R8 NSW

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