New V8 Supercars rule package confirmed by Sydney

Saturday 25th October, 2014 - 9:00am


Volvo and Nissan have already publicly flagged interest in moving away from V8 engines

Volvo and Nissan have already publicly flagged interest in moving away from V8 engines

V8 Supercars CEO James Warburton says the category will confirm details of its ‘Gen 2’ rule package by this year’s season-ending Sydney 500.

Warburton’s ‘white paper’ of ideas for the sport’s future was delivered to team owners this week ahead of the planned 2017 revamp.

While still working on details of the regulations, the changes will see an opening of the engine rules to allow new powerplants to run alongside the existing V8s.

An acceptance of two-door cars has also been flagged in a shake-up that will come just four years after the introduction of the current ‘Car of the Future’ era.

“The white paper went through the group and there was a really good discussion about all of that,” Warburton told

“There was a universal agreement as to where we need to head.

“Now we are working through the technical piece and we will make that announcement as soon as we can.

“Definitely (we will announce plans) by the Sydney event and if we can do it before, we will do it before.”

Warburton stressed that the technical framework has been based around future market relevance.

“We’ve spoken to all participating manufacturers and non-participating manufacturers for their views locally and globally,” he said.

“It’s going to be a very different landscape in 2017, so the foresight of getting to the platform that we are at gives us incredible optionality.

“We’re making sure we are as relevant as we can be,” he added.

“People love our act, they love the speed of the new cars, the noise and everything else, but they also love the fact that they are incredibly relevant to what they drive on the road.”

Although Warburton had hoped to unveil a new revised name and logo for the category this weekend, the roll-out has been delayed for further deliberation.

While options continue to be debated, Warburton confirmed that a change is still set to take place from January 1, 2015.

“The brand change will be January 1,” he said. “It will be a completely fresh approach.”

The Gold Coast owners meeting also saw resolution to ongoing efforts to increase income payments to Racing Entitlements Contract holders.

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