Waters on top in Dunlop Series practice

Cameron Waters set the fastest time in both practice sessions

Cameron Waters set the fastest time in both practice sessions

Ford Performance Racing’s Cameron Waters topped both Dunlop Series practice sessions for Round 2 of the series at Winton.

The Enzed Ford ended the second session 0.19s clear of points leader Paul Dumbrell (Eggleston Holden).

The morning hit-out was, like the early V8 Supercars running, dominated by difficult track conditions as sealant in cracks on the circuit’s surface broke away.

That left Waters’ best of 1:27.1s barely within four seconds of the previous practice lap record.

The pace improved to 1:24.6s in the afternoon session, which ended with a brief rain shower.

“To top both practice sessions is a perfect start and I am feeling very confident about the rest of the weekend,” said Waters, who crashed out of the second race at Adelaide’s season-opener in a clash with rival Ash Walsh.

“We made very few changes to the car and although we didn’t do a huge amount of laps we got through our program as we needed to.

“I’m looking forward to getting out there again tomorrow and making amends for the last race in Adelaide.”

Andrew Jones emerged third fastest in his Brad Jones Racing Holden ahead of an impressive Morgan Haber (MW Motorsport Ford) and Chris Pither in the second BJR entry.

Steve Owen was eighth in his return outing with MWM, one place behind team-mate Andre Heimgartner.

Shane Price was 19th in his return to the class for THR Developments, while Tim Macrow 21st out of the 30 car field on his debut.

The Dunlop Series cars will return to the circuit for qualifying on Saturday from 0930 local time.

See below for the full Practice 2 result

Pos Driver Team Car Time  Difference
1  Cameron Waters  TEAM ENZED FPR  Ford Falcon FG  1:24.7456*
2  Paul Dumbrell  Eggleston Motorsport  Holden Commodore VE2  1:24.9377  0:00.1921
3  Andrew Jones  DGS/Fuchs  Holden Commodore VE2  1:24.9594  0:00.2138
4  Morgan Haber  Haber Excavations/Miraflores  Ford Falcon FG  1:25.1907  0:00.4451
5  Chris Pither  Icebreak Racing  Holden Commodore VE2  1:25.2194  0:00.4738
6  Geoff Emery  R&J Batteries  Holden Commodore VE2  1:25.3197  0:00.5741
7  Andre Heimgartner  Finance Ezi/MWM  Ford Falcon FG  1:25.3770  0:00.6314
8  Steve Owen  East Coast Traffic Control  Ford Falcon FG  1:25.4876  0:00.7420
9  Taz Douglas  Image Racing  Ford Falcon FG  1:25.5606  0:00.8150
10  Aaren Russell  Novocastrian Motorsport  Ford Falcon FG  1:25.6954  0:00.9498
11  Ashley Walsh  Infants Friend  Ford Falcon FG  1:25.7357  0:00.9901
12  Josh Kean  Vili’s  Holden Commodore VE2  1:25.7909  0:01.0453
13  Ant Pedersen  Eggleston Motorsport  Holden Commodore VE2  1:25.9241  0:01.1785
14  Todd Hazelwood  Matt Stone Racing  Ford Falcon FG  1:26.1324  0:01.3868
15  Paul Morris  Sargent Security Racing  Ford Falcon FG  1:26.1376  0:01.3920
16  Jack Le Brocq  Image Racing  Ford Falcon FG  1:26.1499  0:01.4043
17  Marcus Zukanovic  Action Racing  Ford Falcon fg  1:26.2524  0:01.5068
18  Garry Jacobson  Eggleston Motorsport  Holden Commodore VE2  1:26.2771  0:01.5315
19  Shane Price  THR Motorsports/S.A. Racing  Holden Commodore VE2  1:26.5894  0:01.8438
20  Garth Walden  CarTorque/Royal Purple  Holden Commodore VE2  1:26.8304  0:02.0848
22  Tim Macrow  Worldwide Gaming  Holden Commodore VE2  1:27.7020  0:02.9564
22  Dan Day  Street Fighter  Holden Commodore VE2  1:28.1158  0:03.3702
23  Fredrik Lestrup  Pacific Hoists/Race Pilot  Ford Falocon FG  1:28.1220  0:03.3764
24  Aaron McGill  McGill Motorsport  Holden Commodore VE2  1:28.1526  0:03.4070
25  Michael Hector  Gulf Western Oil  Ford Falcon FG  1:28.5872  0:03.8416
26  Aaron Tebb  Voight Contracting  Holden Commodore VE2  1:29.0936  0:04.3480
27  Jordan Ormsby  THR Motorsports/S.A. Racing  Holden Commodore VE2  1:29.2371  0:04.4915
28  Brett Stewart  Formula Tech/Interquip Racing  Holden Commodore VE2  1:29.2702  0:04.5246
29  Matt Hansen  Forpark/Aust Custom Moulders  Holden Commodore VE2  1:29.8283  0:05.0827
30  Jim Pollicina  Mocomm Communications  Ford Falcon FG  1:30.6280  0:05.8824

See below for the full Practice 1 result

Pos Driver Team Car Time  Difference
1  Cameron Waters TEAM ENZED FPR Ford Falcon FG 1:27.1334*
2  Steve Owen East Coast Traffic Control Ford Falcon FG 1:27.3721 0:00.2387
3  Andre Heimgartner Finance Ezi/MWM Ford Falcon FG 1:27.5271 0:00.3937
4  Andrew Jones DGS/Fuchs Holden Commodore VE2 1:27.7471 0:00.6137
5  Morgan Haber Haber Excavations/Miraflores Ford Falcon FG 1:27.8019 0:00.6685
6  Taz Douglas Image Racing Ford Falcon FG 1:27.8042 0:00.6708
7  Garry Jacobson Eggleston Motorsport Holden Commodore VE2 1:28.1688 0:01.0354
8  Ant Pedersen Eggleston Motorsport Holden Commodore VE2 1:28.3053 0:01.1719
9  Paul Morris Sargent Security Racing Ford Falcon FG 1:28.6006 0:01.4672
10  Geoff Emery R&J Batteries Holden Commodore VE2 1:28.6404 0:01.5070
11  Chris Pither Icebreak Racing Holden Commodore VE2 1:28.7821 0:01.6487
12  Jack Le Brocq Image Racing Ford Falcon FG 1:28.7982 0:01.6648
13  Aaren Russell Novocastrian Motorsport Ford Falcon FG 1:29.0359 0:01.9025
14  Todd Hazelwood Matt Stone Racing Ford Falcon FG 1:29.0429 0:01.9095
15  Paul Dumbrell Eggleston Motorsport Holden Commodore VE2 1:29.0472 0:01.9138
16  Marcus Zukanovic Action Racing Ford Falcon fg 1:29.0629 0:01.9295
17  Ashley Walsh Infants Friend Ford Falcon FG 1:30.1284 0:02.9950
18  Shane Price THR Motorsports/S.A. Racing Holden Commodore VE2 1:30.3237 0:03.1903
19  Jordan Ormsby THR Motorsports/S.A. Racing Holden Commodore VE2 1:30.3582 0:03.2248
20  Matt Hansen Forpark/Aust Custom Moulders Holden Commodore VE2 1:30.5384 0:03.4050
22  Aaron McGill McGill Motorsport Holden Commodore VE2 1:30.6124 0:03.4790
22  Jim Pollicina Mocomm Communications Ford Falcon FG 1:30.7830 0:03.6496
23  Josh Kean Vili’s Holden Commodore VE2 1:30.8184 0:03.6850
24  Fredrik Lestrup Pacific Hoists/Race Pilot Ford Falocon FG 1:31.1495 0:04.0161
25  Garth Walden CarTorque.com.au Holden Commodore VE2 1:31.1792 0:04.0458
26  Tim Macrow Worldwide Gaming Holden Commodore VE2 1:31.2922 0:04.1588
27  Michael Hector Gulf Western Oil Ford Falcon FG 1:32.5683 0:05.4349
28  Dan Day Street Fighter Holden Commodore VE2 1:33.2648 0:06.1314
29  Aaron Tebb Voight Contracting Holden Commodore VE2 1:34.9719 0:07.8385
30  Brett Stewart Formula Tech/Interquip Racing Holden Commodore VE2 *:**.**** *:**.****


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