Dunlop tyre preview: Tasmania 400


Symmons Plains in Tassie is my home track and probably the simplest layout in the series.

Simple does not mean easy though, snagging a lap time that will put you in the top 10 is usually down to tiny chassis adjustments, to yield a few tenths of a second.

The field will be covered by less than one second.

Just think about that for a moment.

The drivers have 24 soft compound Dunlop sport Maxx tyres for the weekend, plus some previous race tyres from Clipsal and the Grand Prix meetings.

What this means is the teams and drivers will set the car up on older tyres and at the end of Friday they will whack on a set of sparkling new SP Sport Maxx Spirit soft tyres, or greens as we call them in the racing world.

The brand new sticky rubber gives you such amazing grip performance that quite often the driver can’t exploit it enough.

In qualifying, they only get a few shots at it.

Remember there are six sets of brand new tyres for the weekend, so each run usually results in a time improvement.

It’s a bit like last man standing as desperation sets in.

The amazing technology in the soft Dunlop will mean that most cars will not have tyre issues in Tassie.

I think a super soft is called for. The Dunlop technical engineers have almost made the tyres too good.

It will still be the teams with the best strategy and tyre management who will stand on the podium.


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