Davison laments ‘dangerous’ Turn 8 crash

Will Davison's first weekend with Erebus V8 ended on a sour note

Will Davison’s first weekend with Erebus V8 ended on a sour note

Erebus recruit Will Davison has labelled an incident with James Moffat which saw him fire into Adelaide’s Turn 8 wall as ‘dangerous and unnecessary’.

Davison escaped injury after contact from Nissan driver Moffat sent his Mercedes into the concrete inside the opening 10 laps of the 78-lap Race 3.

The former FPR steerer said Moffat had simply misjudged the situation, but admitted that he had been lucky to escape the crash without being hurt.

“It was just really dangerous and really stupid, you need to have respect for each other going too wide into there,” Davison told Speedcafe.com

“He (Moffat) did concede. I saw him lift off the throttle and I don’t know why; he obviously misjudged it.

“When he initially hit me and I turned left, if I had of kept going head-on I wouldn’t be here talking to you now.

“I luckily caught it that way and just slid in sideways. If that was any harder it would have just spun me left and it wouldn’t have been good.”

Davison said that Moffat had made a mistake at the previous corner and had tried to squeeze him against the wall in the run up to Turn 8 before the incident occurred.

“You are midtrack, it was slippery and I tried to slow down a little bit more than normal, turning in from that point on the track,” he said.

“The outside car has just got to give way and he has just turned into my left-rear.”

Moffat was penalised for his part in the incident, something which he deemed contentious.

“It was probably one of those things where the penalty was judged on the result of the incident,” Moffat said.

“I’m not sure my penalty was entirely fair. I had to turn in at some point otherwise I was going to run into the fence.

“If it had been the same collision at Turn 4 or Turn 5, it probably wouldn’t have been an incident.

“It was unfortunate, and you never want that sort of accident to happen.”

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