Volvo unveils V8 Supercars engine

The Volvo engine in Sydney

The Volvo engine in Sydney

The build-up to Volvo’s entry into the V8 Supercars Championship next season continues with the Swedish manufacturer unveiling its engine.

A display unit was used for the media launch at Sydney Olympic Park as testing on the first race powerplant continues in Polestar’s headquarters in Sweden.

Polestar’s initial dyno running began last month, with an endurance testing program to be undertaken before the first unit is shipped to Australia in late January.

As previously reported, the first tests of the Volvo S60 V8 Supercar are expected to take place with one of Garry Rogers Motorsport’s existing Holden engines.

The Volvo V8 Supercar engine is based on the discontinued 4.4 litre B8444S previously seen in the XC90 and S80 road cars.

Like the AMG unit used in Erebus Motorsport’s E63s, the Volvo has been granted permission to use a flat-plane crankshaft.

The company is promising a distinctive sound from the engine, which also features a unique-in-V8 Supercars 60 degree cylinder bank angle.

The Sydney launch was attended by Volvo Car Group motorsport technical director Martin Persson, who stressed that the V8 Supercar program is currently on track ahead of the new season.

“So far, everything is absolutely on track with the race engine,” he said.

“On paper, this race engine and the new (four-cylinder Volvo) Drive-E engines are quite different, but from an engineering perspective it is a very similar process, and that is to push your imagination and creativity to the limit within a specific set of targets.

“For instance, whether you are aiming for leading efficiency or the most powerful race engine ever to be heard in the Australian V8 Supercars Championship, you will strive to reduce weight, friction, heat and to maximise power.”

Although the first Volvo S60 V8 Supercar has been completed, it is not expected to be unveiled until the new year.

The team remains without a major sponsor for 2014, while the search for a driver to replace Alexandre Premat is said to be ongoing.

Premat, who has raced for Garry Rogers Motorsport during the last two V8 Supercars seasons, is adamant that he has a contract to continue with the squad.

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