TIMELINE: Sandown 500 as it happened

Sunday 15th September, 2013 - 9:11pm


Paul Dumbrell leads through the opening corners

Paul Dumbrell leads through the opening corners

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V8 Supercars on warm-up lap for Race 28 of the 2013 championship, the Sandown 500 #V8SC

Grid: Owen, Dumbrell, Luff, Richards, Wood, Canto, Murphy, Thompson, Perkins, Russell #V8SC

D’Alberto is the only primary driver set to start the race #V8SC

Dumbrell leads Owen and Luff through the opening turns. Richards makes a poor start, dropping well down the order #V8SC

Richards and McIntyre pit for their first of four compulsory stops at the end of the opening lap #V8SC

“We’ll get back there, don’t stress,” engineer James Small tells Steven Richards #V8SC

Gaunt started Caruso’s car from pitlane and currently runs 26th #V8SC

Order on Lap 5: Dumbrell, Owen, Luff, Canto, Wood, Murphy, Thompson, Russell, Jones, Perkins #V8SC

Gaunt has fallen off the road at Turn 1 after a lock-up #V8SC

Dumbrell is edging away from Owen at the front. Gap is out to 1.7s. Third placed Luff meanwhile is under pressure from Canto. #V8SC

Mixed news for HRT. Murphy passes Wood for fifth as Percat is handed a mechanical black flag for loose bodywork #V8SC

Percat told to pit this lap He’s staying in the car #V8SC

Russell has the toughest job in this first stint aboard T.Kelly’s Nissan. He jumped to eighth on Lap 1 but has lost places to Jones and Perkins #V8SC

Percat now given a drive-through for pitlane speeding. The Tander/Percat Holden had taken rear tyres only in its stop #V8SC

Dumbrell put 0.4s on Owen last time around. Gap out to 4 seconds on Lap 15 #V8SC

Russell is driving the wheels off the lead Nissan. He’s narrowly holding out Youlden for 11th #V8SC

Thompson pits on Lap 19. He’ll stay in the #47 Mercedes. Safety Car is meanwhile called for a loose apex cone at Turn 6 #V8SC

Luff had to stack behind Dumbrell and will lose ground #V8SC

Luff lost places to Canto, Wood and Murphy. Every car bar that of Reindler have pitted #V8SC

Race restarts on Lap 22 Morris meanwhile has been handed a drive-through for speeding in pitlane #V8SC

Reindler and Percat both stopped late in the Safety Car period. Murphy meanwhile has received a mechanical black flag for loose rear bodywork #V8SC

D’Alberto has also pitted with a problem. It’s not going well for the Walkinshaw entries #V8SC

Current order: Dumbrell, Richards, Owen, Canto, Wood, Luff, Jones, Perkins, McIntyre, Thompson #V8SC

Luff goes off at Turn 1 after a hit from Jones. The Red Bull Holden drops to 10th #V8SC

Drivers are being warned of exposed bolts from that cone at Turn 6 #V8SC

D’Alberto confirms he had a sticking throttle; the same issue from yesterday #V8SC

Luff is told he must brake “much later” at Turn 1 #V8SC

Luff/Jones incident will be investigated post-race #V8SC

D’Alberto’s Holden is back on track with Reid at the wheel #V8SC

Owen meanwhile is pressuring Richards for second. Richo is 32 laps into his stint #V8SC

Reid went off at Turn 1 last time through. Dumbrell stresses on the radio that he did not make contact #V8SC

Dumbrell has put 10 seconds on the FPR trio of Richards, Owen and Canto in 10 laps since the restart #V8SC

Ash Walsh has had a big accident at the end of the back straight. Safety Car again on Lap 35 #V8SC

Walsh is ok and talking to his engineer. The DJR Ford was right behind the IRWIN Mercedes when it speared off #V8SC

Leaders pit. Those to stay out: Luff, Thompson, Baird, Youlden, Pither, Reindler #V8SC

Owen was forced to stack behind Richards. Owen rejoins 22nd, a full 15 places behind Dumbrell #V8SC

Richards had a long refuel due to his strategy. Dumbrell rejoins ahead of Wood, Canto, Perkins, Jones and Richards #V8SC

This will be a long Safety Car with DJR Ford being recovered and the fence being repaired #V8SC

Race restarts on Lap 40. Luff leads Thompson, Baird, Youlden, Pither, Reindler and Dumbrell #V8SC

Plenty of hard racing going on in the mid-pack. Perkins is struggling with understeer and has lost places to Jones and Richards, dropping to 12th #V8SC

Dumbrell meanwhile has moved from seventh to fourth since the restart. Luff, Thompson and Baird ahead #V8SC

Johnson pits for four tyres and fuel. He’s staying in the car #V8SC

Dumbrell moves around Baird for third. Dumbrell is less than five seconds behind leader Luff, who has made one less stop #V8SC

Order on Lap 50: Luff, Thompson, Dumbrell, Baird, Youlden, Pither, Reindler, Wood, Canto, Jones #V8SC

Primary drivers getting ready for minimum 54 co-driver laps to be reached #V8SC

Murphy has been given a bad sportsmanship flag for failing to give racing room #V8SC

Dumbrell moves to second, taking Thompson at Turn 1 #V8SC

Dumbrell passes Luff into Turn 1 but runs wide on the exit, swapping the positions back #V8SC

Dumbrell is told to watch his brake temperatures. He continues to attack Luff as Thompson pits from third #V8SC

Pad change for Thompson, who hands over to Slade. Baird, Youlden and Gaunt also pit for their primary drivers #V8SC

Luff pits from the lead on Lap 56 #V8SC

Replays show Percat running off across the top of the hill and rejoining #V8SC

Dumbrell runs off the road at Turn 2 on Lap 61. He still leads Wood by an almost undiminished 15 seconds #V8SC

Dumbrell appeared to lock his rear brakes before going off; likely a symptom of his over heating fronts #V8SC

Murphy receives yet another mechanical black flag for HRT, again for loose rear bodywork #V8SC

Canto has dropped from third to sixth with an off at Turn 1 #V8SC

Courtney rejoins sans rear bumper but with fuel, new rear tyres and front pads. He’s now a lap down #V8SC

Safety Car again on Lap 66 for debris at Turn 3 #V8SC

Dumbrell pits and will stay in the car #V8SC

Dumbrell has made the driver change for Whincup #V8SC

Wheels were spinning on the #1 Red Bull Holden during the pitstop #V8SC

There seems to have been some confusion as to whether there was time to change drivers due to a less than full fuel fill #V8SC

“Sorry about the confusion,” Dutton tells Whincup. The car is on used tyres #V8SC

Restart next time by on Lap 68. Order: Briscoe, Owen, McIntyre, Morris, Lowndes, Coulthard, Johnson, Slade, Holdsworth, Whincup #V8SC

Whincup handed drive-through for wheel spinning #V8SC

“We made the driver change decision too late,” laments Red Bull team owner Roland Dane #V8SC

Whincup is in 25th and pushing hard to avoid getting lapped if he pits early from this stint #V8SC

Lap 75 order: Briscoe, Owen, Lowndes, Coulthard, Slade, Holdsworth, Winterbottom, Johnson, McLaughlin, Mostert #V8SC

Moffat pits with a broken left-front corner #V8SC

Owen pits from second, handing over to W.Davison, who rejoins 25th #V8SC

Briscoe pits from the lead. Lowndes now in the top spot from Coulthard, Slade, Holdsworth and Winterbottom #V8SC

Whincup pits again for fuel and new tyres on Lap 80 #V8SC

Lowndes pits on Lap 82. Reynolds follows #V8SC

Mostert is handed a drive-through for pitlane speeding #V8SC

Slade leads Holdsworth and Tander on Lap 86. Tander being told to save fuel, but spears off at Turn 9 #V8SC

Tander fell to seventh with that off, losing places to Van Giz, Premat, R.Kelly and Wall #V8SC

Tander and Wall make contact at Turn 9. Tander pits immediately. Wall continues #V8SC

Slade pits from the lead on Lap 91. Holdsworth takes over the front-running #V8SC

Winterbottom and Lowndes run nose-to-tail in sixth and seventh, and are expected to cycle to the front ahead of the final stops #V8SC

Holdsworth pits, handing Van Giz the lead #V8SC

Whincup takes W.Davison for eighth. The Pepsi Max Ford is saving fuel in order to get through on just one more stop #V8SC

Order after 100 laps: Webb, Winterbottom, Lowndes, Reynolds, McLaughlin, Courtney, Whincup, Coulthard, W.Davison, Bright #V8SC

Webb pits on Lap 102, finally handing the lead to Winterbottom. Lowndes trails by just 0.7s #V8SC

Reynolds spears off at Turn 1, dropping from third to eighth. Whincup takes fourth from Courtney #V8SC

“Do you want me to keep saving or push?” asks Lowndes. “Keep saving” is the answer “but make the pass if you can” #V8SC

Lowndes takes the lead from Winterbottom at Turn 1 on Lap 108 #V8SC

Just hang in there, we’ll tune it up in the stops in another 11 or 12 laps,” Winterbottom is told #V8SC

Replays show Van Giz making contact with the barriers at the exit of Turn 3. He’s 16th #V8SC

W.Davison and Courtney battling hard for fifth. The Ford runs off at Turn 2 but rejoins still ahead #V8SC

Reynolds pits, seemingly to get rid of the right-front tyre he’d locked earlier #V8SC

Canto confirms that the flat-spotted tyre was the reason for the stop. They’ll have to do another one before the end #V8SC

Bright slows from 11th. He had been complaining of “a lot of right-hand down” in the steering #V8SC

The Team BOC Holden runs straight on at the final corner, hitting the wall, but reversing out and pitting #V8SC

Dutton confirms to Whincup that they will not be doing pads on car #1 in the final stop after a positive report from the driver #V8SC

Whincup sits second to Lowndes. “Drink bottle empty,” he reports #V8SC

Order on Lap 119 ahead of the final round of stops: Lowndes, Whincup, Winterbottom, W.Davison, McLaughlin, Courtney, Coulthard, Holdsworth, Slade, Ingall #V8SC

W.Davison pits from fourth. He’ll be tight on fuel to the finish #V8SC

Lowndes now in from the lead on Lap 120. Pad change on #888 #V8SC

Whincup, Winterbottom and Courtney pit together #V8SC

Problem on the front-left lost Winterbottom time. He rejoins behind Courtney #V8SC

FPR made a rear ride height adjustment on Winterbottom’s car in that stop #V8SC

Coulthard emerges from his pitbox in front of McLaughlin #V8SC

Order of those leaders who stopped: Lowndes, Whincup, W.Davison, Coulthard, McLaughlin, Courtney, Reynolds, Winterbottom #V8SC

Courtney is now a net fourth having moved by Coulthard #V8SC

Make that a net fifth for Courtney as Holdsworth was able to pit and rejoin ahead #V8SC

Lowndes holds a 4.6s lead over Whincup on Lap 128 of 161. A big left-front lock-up for Lowndes last time through Turn 9 #V8SC

“The fuel is not that desperate mate, just make sure the tyres get to the end,” Lowndes is told #V8SC

Lap 130 order: Lowndes, Whincup, Webb, W.Davison, Holdsworth, Courtney, Coulthard, McLaughlin, Reynolds, Winterbottom #V8SC

Lowndes told to only try and save fuel into Turns 1 and 11 in order to avoid messing up his braking sequence into Turn 9 #V8SC

Webb pits from third, rejoining 16th #V8SC

Whincup is 2.7s behind Lowndes. “Make sure you’re saving some tyres for the end, not using them all up catching him.” #V8SC

Whincup took another 0.5s from Lowndes last time through. He’s now just 1.5s adrift #V8SC

Holdsworth is stalking W.Davison for third. The Pepsi Max Ford is tight on fuel #V8SC

Gaps Lap 140: Lowndes 1.2s Whincup 20s W.Davison 0.6s Holdsworth 3s Courtney 2s Coulthard 3s McLaughlin 3.3s Winterbottom #V8SC

Whincup has been saving “a lot of fuel” behind Lowndes in the last couple of laps. Still 15 to go #V8SC

Lowndes and Whincup continue to cut through the lapped traffic nose-to-tail. W.Davison remains 20s in arrears #V8SC

Winterbottom takes seventh from McLaughlin with 13 to go #V8SC

Lowndes slides wide at the final corner on Lap 150, allowing Whincup to take the lead #V8SC

“Look after that fuel a bit now mate to make sure we get to the end,” Lowndes is told #V8SC

Winterbottom takes sixth from Coulthard at Turn 6 #V8SC

Holdsworth remains less than a second adrift of W.Davison, whose car continues to lose oil #V8SC

Whincup reminded to avoid the Turn 6 kerb due to the possibility of exposed bolts #V8SC

“He may be short of fuel so keep the pressure on mate,” Holdsworth is told of W.Davison. Four laps to go #V8SC

Whincup begins the final lap with an 8 second lead over Lowndes #V8sC

Whincup takes the flag to win the Sandown 500. “Way to go fellas, all yours guys, all yours,” he says #V8SC

“Well done Jamie, your engineer owes you a big one, you got him out of the shit,” says Roland Dane #V8SC

“The problem is I’m a lot of points behind Dutto because he normally gets me out of it!” replies Whincup #V8SC

Replays show Webb punting Mostert off on the final corner in the battle for 12th #V8SC

Result: Whincup, Lowndes, W.Davison, Holdsworth, Courtney, Winterbottom, Coulthard, McLaughlin, Ingall, Premat #V8SC

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