Perkins scores Winton Dunlop Series pole

Jack Perkins backed up his Ipswich round win with pole at Winton

Jack Perkins backed up his Ipswich round win with pole at Winton

Jack Perkins continued his strong run in the Dunlop Series by taking the #54 Eggleston Motorsport Holden to pole position at Winton.

The Holden driver was the man to beat throughout the second of the two 20 minute periods, for which the field had been split based on practice speeds.

Improving his early benchmark further on his second set of tyres, Perkins’ eventual best of 1:23.77s proved 0.21s quicker than series leader Dale Wood.

Steve Owen will start third in the second of the MW Motorsport Fords having been able to better his previous time but not improve his position with one final flyer.

Fastest man in the first 20 minutes, Taz Douglas, proved good enough for fourth in the final reckoning ahead of Andrew Jones, Cameron Waters, Morgan Haber, Nick McBride, Chris Pither and Ashley Walsh.

Haber’s impressive run ended on the grass in the infield after a high-speed off at Turn 5; ensuring team-mate Owen completed his last effort with a yellow flag flying.

Andre Heimgartner had been the second fastest man in the opening 20 minutes but fell to 14th after the second period.

Two red flags had punctuated the first 20 minutes, caused by offs at Turns 7 and 3 from Josh Kean and Michael Hector respectively.

A mistake from Ant Pedersen at Turn 4 provided the only stoppage in the second period.

Casey Stoner was fifth after the first segment but eventually fell to 20th.

See below for the full qualifying result

1 Eggleston Motorsport Jack Perkins Holden Commodore VE 01:23.77
2 GB Galvanizing/Wilson Securit Dale Wood Ford Falcon FG 01:23.98 00:00.21
3 Sherrin Rentals/MWM Steve Owen Ford Falson FG 01:24.10 00:00.33
4 Arvo Racing/Image Racing Taz Douglas Ford Falcon FG 01:24.22 00:00.45
5 Wilson Security Racing Andrew Jones Holden Commodore VE2 01:24.27 00:00.50
6 Linde Material Handling Cameron Waters Holden Commodore VE2 01:24.28 00:00.51
7 Miraflores Estate/MWM Morgan Haber Ford Falcon FG 01:24.36 00:00.59
8 Tony Dlberto Racing Nick McBride Ford Falcon FG 01:24.41 00:00.64
9 Icebreak Racing Chris Pither Holden Commodore VE2 01:24.41 00:00.64
10 Infants Friend Ashley Walsh Ford Falcon FG 01:24.50 00:00.73
11 Rodney Jane Racing/Sonic Gary Jacobson Ford Falcon FG 01:24.50 00:00.74
12 R&J Batteries/NDD Geoff Emery Holden Commodore VE2 01:24.58 00:00.81
13 Finance Ezi Racing Andre Heimgartner Ford Falcon FG 01:24.67 00:00.90
14 Go Karts Go Drew Russell Ford Falcon FG 01:24.72 00:00.95
15 I Seek George Miedecke Ford Falcon FG 01:24.80 00:01.03
16 Ozstaff Racing Daniel Gaunt Ford Falcon FG 01:24.92 00:01.16
17 CEG Rentals/Go Karts Go Aaren Russell Ford Falcon FG 01:24.94 00:01.18
18 Rodney Jane Racing/Sonic Rodney Jane Ford Falcon FG 01:24.94 00:01.18
19 Think Holden Racing Luke Youlden Holden Commodore VE2 01:24.96 00:01.20
20 Triple Eight Race Engineering Casey Stoner Holden Commodore VE2 01:25.03 00:01.26
21 Sargent Security Paul Morris Holden Commodore VE2 01:25.23 00:01.46
22 Finance Ezi Racing Josh Hunter Ford Falocon FG 01:25.39 00:01.63
23 Blackchrome Sports & Workwear Sam Walter Holden Commodore VE2 01:25.40 00:01.63
24 Action Racing Marcus Zukanovic Holden Commodore VE 01:25.76 00:02.00
25 Marque Management Ant Pedersen Holden Commodore VE2 01:25.84 00:02.07
26 Rev Trans WA Brett Hobson Holden Commodore VE2 01:26.11 00:02.34
27 Poll Performance Jim Pollicina Holden Commodore VE 01:26.23 00:02.46
28 Warrin Mining Volvo Construct Adam Wallis Holden Commodore VE 01:26.34 00:02.58
29 Resi Home Loans Aaron McGill Holden Commodore VE2 01:26.81 00:03.05
30 Formula Tech/Interquip Racing Brett Stewart Holden Commodore VE 01:26.89 00:03.12
31 Voight Contracting Aaron Tebb Holden Commodore VE2 01:26.97 00:03.20
32 Pacific Hoists – Hitachi Nandi Kiss Holden Commodore VE 01:27.53 00:03.76
33 Gulf Western Oil Michael Hector Ford Falcon FG 01:29.21 00:05.45
34 Alphabet Financial Services Josh Kean Holden Commodore VE2 01:29.94 00:06.18


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