MWM Fords assert authority in second practice

Dale Wood

Dale Wood

MW Motorsport team-mates Dale Wood and Steve Owen returned to the top of the time sheets ahead of qualifying for the Dunlop Series at Queensland Raceway.

Following Casey Stoner’s chart-topping morning effort of 1:11.09s, Wood moved the benchmark to a 1:10.56s in the second 40 minute hit-out.

Wood set his fastest time on his 17th and final lap before spending the dying minutes in pitlane.

An earlier effort left Owen 0.25s adrift in second, with Andre Heimgartner, Ashley Walsh, Kristian Lindbom, Casey Stoner, Geoff Emery, George Miedecke and Andrew Jones completing the top 10.

Stoner lapped marginally faster in the second session that he had while topping the charts in Practice 1, later declaring his day highly enjoyable.

“It’s a pleasant feeling to come to a track we actually know and we really enjoyed it out there,” Stoner said.

“We’re improving with every race and at a track we’ve spent a lot of time at I think we’re in a position to hopefully show our true pace.

“The car felt good. I know a lot of the guys around me threw on some new tyres at the end but we didn’t have that option and stayed on used tyres.

“But we’ll all get new sets of greens for qualifying and racing and hopefully we can keep it up.”

The Dunlop Series will return to the circuit tomorrow morning for qualifying ahead of Race 1 in the afternoon.

See below for the full Practice 2 result

1 GB Galvanizing/MWM Dale Wood Ford Falcon FG 1:10.5552*
2 Sherrin Rentals/MWM Steve Owen Ford Falson FG 01:10.80 00:00.25
3 Finance Ezi Racing Andre Heimgartner Ford Falcon FG 01:10.90 00:00.34
4 Infants Friend Ashley Walsh Ford Falcon FG 01:10.92 00:00.36
5 Ozstaff Racing Kristian Lindbom Ford Falcon FG 01:10.99 00:00.44
6 Triple Eight Race Engineering Casey Stoner Holden Commodore VE2 01:11.00 00:00.44
7 R&J Batteries/NDD Geoff Emery Holden Commodore VE2 01:11.01 00:00.45
8 Eggleston Motorsport Jack Perkins Holden Commodore VE 01:11.19 00:00.64
9 I Seek George Miedecke Ford Falcon FG 01:11.20 00:00.65
10 Advam Racing Andrew Jones Holden Commodore VE2 01:11.20 00:00.65
11 Sargent Security Racing Paul Morris Holden Commodore VE2 01:11.30 00:00.75
12 Rodney Jane Racing/Sonic Gary Jacobson Ford Falcon FG 01:11.44 00:00.89
13 MiraFlores Estate/MWM Morgan Haber Ford Falcon FG 01:11.47 00:00.92
14 CEG Rentals/Go Karts Go Aaren Russell Ford Falcon FG 01:11.53 00:00.97
15 Tony D’Alberto Racing Nick McBride Ford Falcon FG 01:11.59 00:01.03
16 Marque Management Daniel Gaunt Holden Commodore VE2 01:11.68 00:01.12
17 Icebreak Racing Chris Pither Holden Commodore VE2 01:11.70 00:01.14
18 Linde Material Handling/Enzed Cameron Waters Holden Commodore VE2 01:11.70 00:01.15
19 Finance Ezi Racing Josh Hunter Ford Falocon FG 01:11.74 00:01.19
20 Image Racing/Arvo Taz Douglas Ford Falcon FG 01:11.88 00:01.33
21 Blackchrome Sports & Workwear Sam Walter Holden Commodore VE2 01:11.88 00:01.33
22 Go Karts Go Drew Russell Ford Falcon FG 01:11.94 00:01.39
23 Action Racing Marcus Zukanovic Holden Commodore VE 01:12.02 00:01.47
24 Rodney Jane Racing/Sonic Rodney Jane Ford Falcon FG 01:12.07 00:01.52
25 Warrin Mining Volvo Constructi Adam Wallis Holden Commodore VE 01:12.75 00:02.19
26 Gulf Western Oil Michael Hector Ford Falcon FG 01:13.17 00:02.62
27 Poll Performance Jim Pollicina Holden Commodore VE 01:13.35 00:02.80
28 Formula Tech/Interquip Racing Brett Stewart Holden Commodore VE 01:13.47 00:02.91
29 Rev Trans WA Aaron Tebb Holden Commodore VE2 01:13.55 00:03.00
30 Resi Home Loans Aaron McGill Holden Commodore VE2 01:14.35 00:03.80
31 Pacific Hoists – Hitachi Nandi Kiss Holden Commodore VE 01:14.41 00:03.86


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