Owen wins carnage filled Dunlop opener

Steve Owen on the way to victory

Steve Owen on the way to victory

Steve Owen scored his first Dunlop Series race victory in three years at the end of a bruising opening race in Townsville.

Starting from pole position, Owen let the drama unfold behind him, driving into the distance during the early laps to open a 3.5 second lead prior to the Safety Car being called on Lap 6.

The full course yellows, required to retrieve Sam Walter’s crashed Holden from the exit of Turn 3, allowed Owen’s MW Motorsport team-mate Dale Wood a chance at the win.

Owen would prove too good over the remaining laps following the restart, taking the flag 1.6s ahead of Wood.

Eventual third place finisher Daniel Gaunt had run second early before losing out to the faster Wood-driven Falcon.

The restart proved disastrous for Gaunt’s Eggleston Motorsport team-mate Jack Perkins, who was turned around by an out-of-control Cameron Waters.

Perkins squandered his front-row start with a poor getaway, but appeared to have superior speed to Gaunt prior to the Safety Car. He eventually saw the flag in 18th, despite falling to a low of 27th after the tangle with Waters, who in turn finished 28th after serving a drive-through penalty.

The restart squeeze also claimed Casey Stoner, who was forced to pitlane after his Red Bull Holden took left-front damage in a squeeze involving Taz Douglas at the exit of Turn 2.

Douglas was also involved in two separate incidents with Andre Heimgartner; making contact with the rear of the Finance Ezi Ford on both occasions.

The first contact pushed Heimgartner wide and out of a fine fifth place in the opening laps, while a late-race tap spun the Kiwi completely.

The latter incident allowed Ash Walsh to sneak into 10th place, ensuring him pole for Race 2.

The Matt Stone Racing Ford driver had cut his way through the pack from the back of the grid after a power steering failure crippled his qualifying efforts.

Further back in the field, Aaron Tebb’s ex-Kelly Racing Holden suffered heavy damage after a tangle and subsequent failure pitched the youngster into the concrete at the exit of Turn 6.

A further two races on Sunday will complete Round 3 of the Dunlop Series.

See below for full Dunlop Series Race 1 result

1 Sherrin Rentals/MWM Steve Owen  Ford Falson FG 18:36.5999 1:15.0149
2 GB Galvanizing/Wilson Dale Wood  Ford Falcon FG 18:38.2225 1:15.5507
3 Marque Management Daniel Gaunt  Holden Commodore VE2 18:39.8997 1:15.7366
4 CEG Rentals Aaren Russell  Ford Falcon FG 18:40.7995 1:15.7264
5 Ozstaff Racing Kristian Lindbom  Ford Falcon FG 18:41.9639 1:15.6497
6 Advam Racing Andrew Jones  Holden Commodore VE2 18:43.3651 1:15.7704
7 Go Karts Go Drew Russell  Ford Falcon FG 18:45.4450 1:15.9774
8 I Seek George Miedecke  Ford Falcon FG 18:46.2898 1:16.0692
9 Sargent Security Racing Paul Morris  Holden Commodore VE2 18:48.2748 1:16.1804
10 Infants Friend Ashley Walsh  Ford Falcon FG 18:49.6141 1:15.4587
11 R&J Batteries/NDD Geoff Emery  Holden Commodore VE2 18:52.1473 1:16.0312
12 Icebreak Racing Chris Pither  Holden Commodore VE2 18:56.3847 1:16.6877
13 MiraFlores/Harber Excav Morgan Haber  Ford Falcon FG 18:56.8907 1:16.0362
14 Rodney Jane Racing/Sonic Rodney Jane  Ford Falcon FG 18:57.6726 1:16.5141
15 Action Racing Marcus Zukanovic  Holden Commodore VE 19:00.3013 1:17.5562
16 Tony D’Alberto Racing Nick McBride  Ford Falcon FG 19:00.4954 1:16.6256
17 Finance Ezi Racing Josh Hunter  Ford Falocon FG 19:00.8893 1:17.0072
18 Eggleston Motorsport Jack Perkins  Holden Commodore VE 19:00.9530 1:15.6065
19 Poll Performance Jim Pollicina  Holden Commodore VE 19:01.6530 1:17.6244
20 Resi Home Loans Aaron McGill  Holden Commodore VE2 19:07.7285 1:18.9045
21 Formula Tech/Interquip Brett Stewart  Holden Commodore VE 19:08.3211 1:18.1026
22 Gulf Western Oil Michael Hector  Ford Falcon FG 19:10.2435 1:18.6289
23 Finance Ezi Racing Andre Heimgartner  Ford Falcon FG 19:10.2908 1:15.7566
24 NQ Concrete Sawing Justin Garioch  Holden Commodore VE2 19:10.8795 1:18.6585
25 Pacific Hoists – Hitachi Nandi Kiss  Holden Commodore VE 19:12.8142 1:18.6676
26 Image Racing/Arvo Taz Douglas  Ford Falcon FG 19:16.6862 1:15.8566
27 Rodney Jane Racing/Sonic Gary Jacobson  Ford Falcon FG 19:34.3123 1:16.4217
28 Linde Material Handling Cameron Waters  Holden Commodore VE2 19:42.0897 1:16.1879
29 Triple Eight Race Eng Casey Stoner  Holden Commodore VE2 19:44.3342 1:16.2474
DNF Rev Trans WA Aaron Tebb  Holden Commodore VE2 15:11.1988 1:18.8177
DNF Blackchrome Sports Sam Walter  Holden Commodore VE2  5:31.8651 1:18.3075


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