Volvo performance boss dodges media approaches

Christian Dahl, managing director of Volvo's Polestar high performance division, in the GRM catering tent at Hidden Valley

Christian Dahl, managing director of Volvo’s Polestar high performance division, in the GRM catering tent at Hidden Valley

The boss of Volvo’s performance division, Christian Dahl, avoided probes from the media after making a very public appearance at the Hidden Valley round in Darwin.

Dahl, the managing director of the Polestar arm of the Swedish carmaker, was a conspicuous guest of the Garry Rogers Motorsport team this weekend.

When made an approach to Dahl he backed away saying ‘I can’t talk to you. I can speak to you on Tuesday’.

However it is known despite various denials that a big announcement regarding Volvo entering V8 Supercars is being planned in Brisbane at 11am on Monday at a city hotel.

It co-incides with the launch of the Polestar version of the S60 sedan, that is said to cost upwards of $100,000. Polestar is what HSV is to Holden, FPV is to Ford or AMG is to Mercedes-Benz.

The announcement that Volvo will be joining V8 Supercars as the fifth car maker and will be running with the GRM operation was flushed out by Speedcafe last week.

The investment Volvo is making is said to be north of the budget $5million Nissan has invested to establish its return to Australian Touring Car racing this year.

Dahl had tweeted last week that he would be in Australia for the Volvo car launch we now have learned has extended into the V8 Supercar announcement.

He was involved in lengthy one-on-one conversations with Rogers in the GRM catering area and was prominent in the team garage during Race 17 of the Championship.

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