TCM triple treat for John Bowe

John Bowe

John Bowe

Former touring car/V8 Supercars star John Bowe has completed a clean sweep of the Touring Car Masters races at Hidden Valley.

Bowe was untouchable in his Dunlop Super Dealers Ford Mustang after producing another classy display to win the third heat.

His unblemished record came as Brad Tilley (Falcon XY GT) and Jim Richards (Shannons Insurance Falcon Sprint) filled the podium.

 Bowe was suffering from a cold however he managed to shirk off the effects in the heat of battle.

 “Amazingly you just don’t notice it until you get out of the car and you start feeling sorry for yourself,” Bowe said. Bowe is talking down the Championship saying I’m just worrying about each race and the Championship will take care of itself.

 Keith Kassulke (Falcon XB Coupe) won the first ever Class A Pro-Am category. Kassulke was surprised to pick up the trophy with the category organisers not telegraphing the addition until the presentations.

 “It was a fantastic surprise and a great boost going into my home round at Queensland Raceway next month,” Kassulke.

 Chris Stillwell (Mustang) was thrilled with winning Class B in a hard fought battle across the weekend

 Although Richards had a scare in the closing stages as his car developed a problem. He had to scramble to the flag as he urged the Falcon home to hold out Greg Crick (Chrysler Charger E55) who steamed home to just miss the final podium placing.

Gavin Bullas had some moments in his Falcon XA GT, firstly having a big power slide across the grass and then spinning which cost him a finish deep in the top 10. Bullas was classified in 11th place.

In the second 12-lap heat, Bowe maintained his winning form guiding the Mustang to a 1s win over Jim Richards (Falcon Sprint) with Andrew Miedecke landing onto the podium in his Camaro SS.


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