Stewards clear host of Super Sprint incidents

Moffat trails Holdsworth in the tight Symmons Plains pack yesterday

Moffat trails Holdsworth in the tight Symmons Plains pack yesterday

CAMS stewards have declared that no breaches of the regulations occurred in all four car-to-car skirmishes that were investigated following Saturday’s Symmons Plains Super Sprint.

Opening lap contact between Craig Lowndes and Shane van Gisbergen and subsequently Lowndes and Russell Ingall were both reviewed and cleared post-race.

James Moffat’s tap on Lee Holdsworth in the melee that resulted from Lowndes’ Turn 2 spin was also cleared after an investigation, as was a dust-up between Jason Bright and Garth Tander later in the opening leg.

Bright stated his displeasure for Tander’s defensive tactics during their Leg 1 battle, which included contact between the cars on the back-straight.

“They want passing in V8 Supercars but if everyone blocks we will never have a passing move,” he said post-race.

“That’s why they stipulate in all the driver briefings that we must leave racing room but that just didn’t happen today.

“If I went to the outside Tander pushed me off and when I managed to get on the inside he just shut the door. We’re never going to see passing at that rate.”

As earlier reported, no breach of rules was also the verdict following a report that Fabian Coulthard had jumped too early following a late-race Safety Car.

The only post-race penalty handed out went to Red Bull Racing Australia’s Craig Lowndes for having his rear wheels spinning at his first pitstop.

The team admitted the breach, with Lowndes receiving a 25 second addition to his race time. Already last of the finishes, his 26th placed result remains unchanged.

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